Friday, May 1, 2015

April showers, a lamb and May flowers

It seems once again that the time lapse between posts is immense! I have been so busy as of late! I often think "I should blog about this" but never find the time... I have a few moments of quiet right now, so I thought I would write a quick catch up on life!

Since my last post life has definitely NOT slowed down! 
March highlights included my little sister's birthday, a trip to New Hampshire to visit my grandparents and great aunt, and some continuing midwifery education.

April started with my little niece's first birthday! It is so exciting and amazing to me to see her grow! I am blessed to be her "tita Sarah"! Then I had the opportunity to house sit for my grandmother as a she visited relatives in North Carolina. I was quite busy with wedding plans, lambs, finishing bridesmaid dresses, watching their dogs and helping out at home! In that week, I had my 24th birthday. It was a good day spent with my family and a skype session with my fiance'! The 14th was another little sister's birthday and the day I "moved back home". The next day I threw out my back while putting a sheep back in her pen. Thankfully I was well enough to at least walk by my sister Erica's baby shower that Saturday! I had a great time planning for, decorating and hosting my sister's Very Hungry Caterpillar themed shower.
This week started with our Spring revival at church. It was a blessed time of hearing God's Word preached and of fellowship! I truly love my church family!

That brings us to today! I got up this morning and as I was talking to Keagan on the phone I heard one of my ewes (Katie) crying. I could hear that she was in labor and hurried out to the barn. I arrived to find her alone in a corner with two hooves and a nose showing. I watched for a while but even though she pushed well and had many contractions, there was no progress. Dad came out and we moved her to a lambing pen where I had better lighting and she had a tad more privacy. I thought the move may help bring progress, but it did not. I noticed that the lamb's legs were crossed so I straightened them. After still no progress, I got some lubrication and tried to help massage her very tight tissue over the lambs head. a contraction later and the lamb's head was born! Yay! I tried to let her finish on her own, but the lamb's bulky shoulders got "stuck". Seeing how Katie was acting distressed, I intervened and helped deliver the rest of the ewe lamb. She was a good size lamb and once Katie had a little recovery time, they seemed to bond well. We had suspected that Katie was having twins all along as she was so big. A single lamb that was large certainly explained Katie's size, yet there seemed to be a second sac present. After 30 minutes and no progress, I decided to once more intervene. A check showed no second lamb and that all was good. I made sure both momma and lamb were fine and headed to the house where I headed straight to the sink....
Later this morning, I finished making a salve and a body cream from oils that I infused last night. I used lavender, rose and calendula flowers in the oil. It smells lovely! I look forward to using them!
Well, that is a brief update of my crazy life right now! Only 22 more days until I see Keagan again and only 31 until our wedding! God is so good to me!

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