Monday, March 2, 2015


My life has continued to be filled with busy-ness... wedding plans, assistant teaching at a Midwifery school, helping out at home... life in general! I was very blessed on Friday to fly down to Memphis.
My dear friend  and former classmate Brittany's wedding was on the 28th. I was wicked excited to make the trip down for a time of reunion, reminiscing, and relaxation.
I arrived in Memphis Friday mid-morning after two very non-eventful flights. Another classmate was going to pick me up, but had not yet arrived. I enjoyed listening to the various people talk and was reminded how different the South was from the North... I waited for a few minutes then got the text that Gabriela was at the curb... I started to head out when I heard my name called... I turned around and to my surprise, my former roommate Nancy was walking toward me! I was shocked and happy! What a glad time of reunion!
The rest of Friday was filled with fun, catching up and reminiscing. Nancy, Gabriela and I had lunch together and Brittany came by to pick up Gabriela and say hi... Nancy and I entertained ourselves with a trip for snacks (we are two of the most indecisive people in the world I am sure!) and working on some last minute wedding crafts. After going for dinner at a Steak & Shake across from our hotel, Gabriela came back to pick up the signs... as she was leaving, our dear classmate Dieneke came! Another reunion of shrieks and laughter! We all stayed up till Violet and Larissa arrived at 3am Saturday morning.
Saturday was a beautiful day. The wind had died down and the sun was shining. The wedding was absolutely lovely! The bride Brittany was stunning and the entire ceremony was perfect. Vonn looked so happy and everything was beautiful!
I love being able to attend a wedding where I know the couple has devoted their lives to the Lord. It is a sweet event to witness. I am blessed by their love and their wonderful testimony!
Saturday evening held more fellowship and catching up. We all enjoyed the last few hours we could spend together! We were all thankful that about half of our class had been able to come! Though we missed the others, we knew they were with us in spirit!
Sunday morning at 3am everyone got up to head to the airport and hit the road... I stayed behind as my flight was later in the afternoon. I found out a few hours later that my flight was canceled due to weather in a connecting airport. I then spent 1hour+ on the phone on hold while my father also tried to get through. He was able to get through to an agent before I did and got a new flight booked for Monday afternoon. Brittany's friend came to pick me up and we drove to the airport to see if an agent there could help me get a better time... no such luck. All the flights were booked. I thanked the lady and realized that it was God's will that I stay in Memphis another night!
So here I am! Brittany's friend and her husband have kindly hosted me during my extended stay. I plan to fly out of Memphis at 4:30pm this afternoon and arrive in Boston at 10:30pm... unless I am delayed again! (I pray not!)
So my time in Memphis has been very eventful! I am thankful for my stay. I have had a much needed time of fellowship with some very dear friends. I attended a beautiful wedding and made some new friends as well! God is so good and I am feeling very blessed! I have loved my time in Memphis, but am ready to be home with my family.