Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When Life gives you Ants...

Ants.... those tiny creatures that are hard workers.... the ones mentioned in Proverbs?...yes, those little guys.... lets put them in the spot light for a bit...

Just so you know, they are EVERYWHERE here in the Philippines!
Now, before you jump to conclusions PLEASE do not get me wrong... I am NOT complaining. I have learned a LOT from them!

Here are a few of those lessons...

#1. I have learned that they are a part of everyday life here.
#2. I have learned to wipe the counters, tables, and stove multiple times a day, even when they appear clean.
#3. I have learned to check my towel before I use it as one of their favorite trails runs near the towel rack in our bathroom.
#4. I have learned what an ant bite feels like and to be alert to anything that feels like an ant crawling on my skin.
#5. I have learned that even when you clean the entire kitchen and spray existing ant trails with baygon (bug killer spray) they ants will still return within a few hours.
#6. I have learned that ants generally float.
#7. I have learned that ants can get into any place and always show up uninvited.
#8. I have learned that ants love any kind of food they can get to.
#9. I have learned that ants can chew through anything.
#10. I have learned that ants taste good. (or at least don't taste like much and flavor is easily masked)

Yes, you read that correctly. I have eaten ants on more than one occasion since living here. Maybe it is partially due to the fact that it is easier to eat them at times than to spend forever picking them out of rice (or any other food). Maybe it is because I have just decided a little extra protein won't hurt me. Or maybe it just makes for a great blog post. Either way, they are hardly noticeable most times...

The other night we decided it was time for a treat. Our dorm had been saving a bag of hint of lime tortilla chips for just the right time. I found a can of re-fried beans & jalapenos on the shelf and there was some salsa in the fridge. Time for a delicious treat!

We opened the bag and soon discovered our lovely friends had made it there first.The clever creatures had chewed tiny holes all throughout the bag!

Not sure if you can see, but there are numerous little ants all over that chip...that isn't just lime seasoning ;)  But did it stop us? Absolutely not! Who would let a few ants ruin our special meal? Definitely not us!

When life gives you ants just add beans, salsa and lime!

One girl mentioned they were still crawling around. I quickly determined that by placing the beans and salsa on top of them you could pretend as if they were not even there! It is hard for an ant to crawl with beans and salsa on top of him!

Lami Kaayo! (very delicious!) Would I do it again- absolutely! What wonderful memories!


  1. very funny. Once again I say better you than me! :)

    1. Left your sense of adventure in the gravel pit mom? :D

  2. I guess when you live with them every day you learn to deal with them or in this case eat them. LOL

    1. One of my favorite sayings that I live by here is "Where you lead me, Lord, I'll follow, what you feed me I will swallow!" They have definitely been words I have chosen to live by! :D

  3. My daughter Lydia age 9 would love to eat chip with ants!!