Monday, June 9, 2014

A Taste of Home

Some days you really need a taste of home. Something familiar. Something comforting. Let me share with you the story of a recent blessing! This is the story of a bowl of a blessing!

The other week I strolled down the aisles of the grocery with my dear friend Melissa. Those who know me very well know my LOVE for shopping. (Though I must admit, it can be fun if you are with the right people) Anyway, as we wandered the aisles filling our cart, my eyes landed on a lone can on a discount shelf. One little can, but the label jumped at me and stood out among the many other bigger and brightly colored objects.
I gasped with recognition and said aloud “I know where that is!”

Yes folks- Real Maine New England Clam Chowd-ah some how made it all the way here to Davao City- THE PHILIPPINES! Just for me! I was so very excited! I could imagine how delicious it would taste! Then I stopped. This was (obviously) imported and may be expensive. However, a quick check showed the Lord had me on His mind. After seeing that it was in my price range, I readily added it to the cart. I smiled knowing that a delicious treat would be in my near (ish) future. We finished up shopping and returned to the dorm. I placed it on my shelf and there it sat...

Today was a good but long day. After spending my day at the clinic and studying, I returned to the dorm hungry and worn out. Tonight was “fend for yourself” dinner night. I placed my back pack on my desk and looked up to the lone can on my shelf. I smiled- CHOWD-AH! I had a delicious dinner ahead! A few minutes later the sweet aroma of clam chowder wafted to my nose as I stirred the pot on the stove and ladled some into my bowl. YUM!

It was wonderful! Definitely not like homemade or fresh chowd-ah, but it was a taste of home! I felt so blessed as I enjoyed the flavor! God is so good to me! He sent that little can all the way to the Philippines just so I could have a taste of home! I am wicked blessed! Ayuh!


  1. We have such an AWESOME God!!! He delights in blessing us with what to others seems such a small thing , but there is nothing small in the love God has for his dear children. Love you. Mom

  2. So neat!! :) Thanks for sharing!