Monday, June 23, 2014

17, Young and Excited

She was 17, young, and excited as she entered the clinic. “Cring-cring” was expecting her first baby. She had named her little girl Trixie (suspected per ultrasound). I asked her about her labor and discovered that her bag of waters broke at 2am and contractions started around 3. A quick glance at the clock showed that it was just after 6 now. 

“Cring-cring's” contractions were not very intense but evaluation of her progress showed that she was in fact in labor. The supervising midwife told me that if her contractions progressed, she would be able to stay at the clinic. I advised “Cring-cring” various exercises to stimulate her labor and brought her some water. 

Moments later the supervisor came to tell “Cring-cring” that her mother was on the phone. I looked up in confusion. Normally the parents would be waiting outside or on their way. Ate told me that her bantay (companion) was actually her nanny and that her parents would come later in the afternoon. "Cring-cring" was a single mother and living with her parents. There was no boyfriend or father of the baby in the picture. “Cring-cring” finished on the phone and told me that all was well. With a smile on her face she set off to walk around and exercise with high hopes for bringing on more contractions. For a young and first time mother in her situation, her confidence and smile was surprising and refreshing!

“Cring-cring” labored beautifully! Her focus, determination and strength was amazing! Around 9am she ran in with intensity and informed me that she wanted to push right now. Seeing that her contractions had just started to become painful, I encouraged deep breathing and massage to help her cope. The various techniques appeared to work and “Cring-cring” gained her composure after each contraction. 

Around 10:15am, I could tell that “Cring-cring” appeared close to giving birth. I spoke with the Ate and after a few minutes it was determined that she was indeed ready to push. She tried a variety of positions. It was neat to see how connected this young girl was with her baby. I grabbed a mirror and she immediately locked her focus on her baby and progressed. However, despite various positions, baby's head would not descend past the pubic bone. Finally after many positional changes and 46 minutes, at 11:19am baby entered the world!

Baby was placed skin-to skin with mother and I suggested she look at her baby. A midwife gently lifted baby and “Cring-cring's” eyes widened. We all laughed as I stated “Nope, definitely not a little Trixie!” (I had seen he was NOT a girl as soon as he was born and enjoyed the look of welcome surprise).

Matteo James was a small little guy weighing in at only 2300g or 5 pounds 1 ounce. I enjoyed spending time talking with “Cring-cring” and her newborn son. They recovered well and no problems arose. Her parents were on the phone shortly after rejoicing in the news. 

I was blessed again today to visit with "Cring-cring" and Matteo. They are continuing to do very well. According to her dates, baby may have been slightly early (36 weeks). Regardless, he continues to do well and "Cring-cring" is showering him with love. I am excited to see how this young girl is blooming into a mother. Yes, life's circumstances may be sad, but when life hands you lemons- make lemonade!

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