Saturday, May 17, 2014


Timing- God's timing is perfect!
Sometimes the midwife does not make it in time.
Sometimes babies come on their own schedule.
Sometimes Momma just does not have enough warning....

I was reminded of timing the other night. I had a continuity patient "May-May" whom I had been providing prenatal care for. In 2012, I had attended the birth of her 2nd daughter "Precious Jane". When I "randomly" met her in prenatal clinic, I knew God meant for us to work together.

We enjoyed the time we spent together during prenatal care. We wondered together if this would be her first boy or another beautiful girl. I talked with her about labor and delivery. She had a history of fast labors and we joked that I may not make it in time so she needed to text me right away.

It was during a birthday party for my friend that I received a text saying "it hurts a lot ma'am". It was a little after 6pm. I asked if she could come to the clinic or if she would stay home. There was a pause and no response. I went to change into scrubs and packed my bag. A moment later I received another text which translated. "The baby has been born already". After texting back and forth, I requested that she head to the clinic immediately. I hurriedly ate the last of my salad and texted the clinic.

Not long after, the guard came to get me and I met my patient at the clinic. She had already arrived by ambulance. The EMTs had delivered the placenta and provided basic care. I continued with her postpartum care and confirmed for myself that both she and baby appeared to be doing well.

Her first painless contraction had been at 11am. "May-May" decided to wait as she did not know if it was really labor. Around 4pm, the contractions became more regular she said, however they still were widely spaced and not painful. "May-May" reports that around 5:45 or 6pm she had her first pain. As she called for her husband to come and for someone to watch her young children her water broke. She laid down just as her husband came and the baby was quickly birthed into his waiting hands around 6:30pm.

I am proud of this strong Momma. I was equally honored to discover this little girl was named "Princess Jane". I count myself blessed to be the supporting midwife to a woman who found an inner strength, calmness and beauty in the midst of a difficult situation. No, babies do not always come on our time, but their timing is perfect and beautiful because it is from the Lord!

*Note: Princess is the closest I have for a namesake here... no one seems to want a Sarah, but when I tell them it means Princess, they love to choose that instead. :)

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