Friday, May 23, 2014

A month and a day

A month and a day may quickly pass by, yet at other times it drags slowly onward.

I arrived to shift with many hopes and prayers that I would be privileged to welcome a sweet baby into the world. It had been over a month now! However, I knew that God's timing would be perfect and I had better be patient.

Endorsements revealed that there was a 3rd time mother in labor. "Bing" had a history of precipitous labors, yet this one appeared to be going a little slower. Her labor had started at 5am when her bag of waters ruptured. At 8:30am she was 1cm. The midwives encouraged various methods to help get her labor going. Around 1pm she was 3cm dilated. Some progress... we would monitor her closely for any signs of infection and see what would happen.

I labored with her for a little while awaiting time for the next exam to evaluate progress. At 4pm she was 6cm. However, all signs pointed to progress. Her contractions were now strong, steadily 2-3 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds. I again prayed with her and the supervising midwife decided to delay transporting a little longer in hopes she would deliver. (It was almost 12 hours after ROM which can increase risk of infection and would generally indicate transport per protocol here).

A recently arrived intern was shadowing me. I explained that we should prepare the birth cart and cubicle as she was a multipara and had a history of fast labors. I told her that we did not know when baby would come, but we should prepare anyway. As I pulled the cart into the cubicle, "Bing" told me she wanted to push. At first logic questioned, but past experience led me to believe her as I looked at her and observed various "clues". I had her prepare as I alerted the supervising midwife and moments later, black hair slowly emerged. A few short, beautiful minutes later a sweet baby boy was born. 4:29pm.

I was filled with thankfulness! Not only had I been blessed to be a part of a breathtaking birth, but the Lord had answered my many prayers! He is ever faithful!

After moving "Bing" and baby "Andrie" to postpartum, I finished up paperwork and decided to later take pictures. When I went over again, "Bing's" 2 year old daughter was there. We had a fun time playing together. I loved to hear her little laugh and see her smile. Such an adorable girl! God had greatly blessed my evening!

A month and a day... it may seem like forever at times, but as I am constantly learning, the Lord's timing is perfect. It is always worth the wait!

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