Monday, April 7, 2014

Zac Nathan

His mother smiled as the contraction surged through her body. Through the pain she locked eyes with me and breathed deeply. She had done this before, though it was 6 years ago. She had done this before, she could do it again.
 I was arriving fresh for day shift. As I entered the clinic, the familiar sounds of labor met my ears. My gut told me a baby would be entering the world during our shift. The midwife gave a brief overview and I headed to meet "Cel". She is a beautiful woman. I quietly entered her cubicle and moved towards her. She smiled at me. I took a deep breath with her and introduced myself. She smiled and told me she was so excited.
We worked together over the next 30 minutes. We breathed. We smiled. We laughed. She spoke in excited tones and told her baby how anxious she was to meet him. She had seen on an ultrasound this was a boy- and she truly hoped it was (her first child was a girl).
Not long after at 6:36 am, Zac Nathan showed his face. He was a little blue from the cord that was wound tightly around his neck. However, seconds later his color improved as he let out a lusty cry.
Words cannot adequately share the feelings of that moment. I always try, but I never can. How can I describe how it feels to receive the blessing of life into your hands? How can I describe what it is like to hear a baby's first cry? How can I share what I feel when I watch a mother gaze at her child with all the love in the world and whisper to him "Salamat sa Ginoo" (thank you Lord)? I cannot do it justice, but I still try. For now, I will leave it to your imagination.

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