Friday, April 11, 2014

Hiraya Ysabelle

I ask that you would pray. Yesterday I mentioned a continuity patient of mine. I provided for all of her prenatal care. We knew there may be a problem with the baby, but it was never confirmed prenatally by ultrasound as she could not afford it.
April 9th, I transported her to the hospital. The baby's heart was slow and even more irregular than before. I was texted a few hours later that "Zaida" had a cesarean section and was recovering well. Her baby was taken to be observed. To her knowledge everything was alright.
Yesterday, April 11th, I was able to visit her in the hospital. She seemed to be doing well and baby looked ok. Her spirits were good and she was so happy that I had taken time to see her.
This morning I received the dreaded text. The baby has confirmed heart problems. "Zaida" told me that baby's heart is slow and she does not know what else. This poor girl and little baby need your prayers.
It is heart breaking to receive these texts "pls., I dnt know what Im going to do." "Im crying here today Sarah" "I need ur prayer"....
I assured this sweet girl that I would be praying. I ask now that if you are reading this that you would say a prayer for them as well. Thank you!
Hiraya Ysabelle

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  1. Praying for a miraculous healing for the baby, as well as strength and comfort in Jesus for "Zaida"
    Denise Reynolds