Monday, April 7, 2014


Fire- something that can be so beautiful or so terrible. Something that can be so helpful, or so devastating. My heart aches as I share this post.
The other night, a densely populated community called Isle Verde was hit by fire. This area is home to the Badjao, "Sea Gypsies" who make their homes in small huts on the water. I have mentioned them a few times in previous blog posts. Here is a link of a post I wrote about Isle Verde in my first year in the Philippines.
I have been told that over 1000 homes have been destroyed. I was also told that the local church was burnt as well. So many are homeless, living in the local park, or in substitute shelters. These people need prayer.
I was told of one mother who jumped from her burning home into the sea. She proceeded to swim to shore and deliver her child in the local park. Shortly after, she was brought to the clinic via ambulance.
Today I met a family who lost all they had in the fire, yet they were thankful to hold their new baby safe and sound. Made me reflect on what is really important in this life. It made my heart ache.
For additional perspective, please read two of my friends blogs. Isle Verde and Babies Come at the Worst Times share more photos and information. I highly recommend taking a look. Here is a news article on the fire... This is a community that our clinic ministers to with prenatal clinics multiple times each month.

I do not know what else to share, but my heart is heavy for these families. As you go about your day, remember what is truly important. We are so blessed that we often take it for granted. Be thankful for what you have. You may not have it tomorrow... so hug your family a little tighter today, and when you enjoy your nice meal or pull on your clean clothes, thank the Lord. Thank the Lord and pray. Pray for the people of Isle Verde.


 How can you help? Pray for these people.

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