Saturday, March 29, 2014

Relaxing Crafts

I am a person who enjoys various forms of handiwork. In my "free" time, during study breaks, or when I need to stop and "chill", artwork and hand crafts are an expressive outlet for me. A few months ago, I had posted about exploring the medium known as oil pastel. I have greatly enjoyed doing so and have had fun making my own style- in a sense. Here are some photos are of random pieces of oil pastel artwork I have created over the past several months

  One of my recent projects was this quilt top (see below). I made it from fabric my family sent over. My roommate and I spent time together cutting out all the squares and over the last several months I have spent time hand sewing all of the squares together! I will wait to finish putting it with a backing until I get home as bringing just the top will be better for traveling.
Sew much fun!

Well, that is a brief glimpse of some of my more recent projects... not sure what my next "big" project will be :) I am looking forward to finding out though!