Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Lian

 My sleep was broken by the familiar buzz of my phone....a text message. Knowing I had no term continuity patients, I wondered who was texting at this time of night.
As I peered through sleepy eyes at the text, I suddenly bolted upright. Maybe I was incorrect in my translation. I second guessed my limited knowledge of Visayan and rushed to find my friend Brittany (who was still up as it really was only 10:30pm... I had been on night before though, so I was sleep deprived and went to bed early). She translated and confirmed my dread-- "Melissa" was in labor. Her bag of waters had ruptured and she was on her way to the clinic! I rushed to get my self ready and called to have the guard pick me up.

When a midwife on shift called to tell me that my cont was there and very active, I told her that she was preterm. They decided to help get all of her vital signs and to monitor her until I arrived. I tried to prepare myself. I knew that transport was the most likely scenario. 34 weeks is early.... I tried to wake myself up and focus on the difficult task ahead....Not more than 10 minutes later and I was at the clinic. The supervisor carefully was reviewing the chart. "Melissa" was only 34 3/7 weeks gestational age (Term is 37+). She decided we would check to see if baby felt ready or preterm due to a variety of factors. Moments later I confirmed that everything appeared normal and that she was fully dilated. Baby was coming soon, ready or not.

Less than ten minutes later, at 11:09pm, baby Lian entered the world. He was small, but appeared term and healthy. We decided we would closely monitor him and later when I did the newborn exam, I would perform the Ballard Score. This is an exam that helps determine the approximate GA of a baby due to a number of factors. According to this test, baby Lian was about 37 weeks GA- early term.

Baby Lian and his mother are very special to me. Why? One reason is because on April 17, 2013 at 4:48am, I had the privilege to welcome little Lian's older brother Aljun into this world :) I am hoping at a later date to have pictures with all of them! God is so very good to have provided wonderful midwives for me to work with last night! I am so thankful! God is so Good!

Happy Birthday Little Lian! 5 lbs. 5 oz. (2400g) born March 31, 2014 at 11:09pm A/S 8,8

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  1. what a cutie :) and his mom was so blessed to have you and your calming presence there!