Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Lian

 My sleep was broken by the familiar buzz of my phone....a text message. Knowing I had no term continuity patients, I wondered who was texting at this time of night.
As I peered through sleepy eyes at the text, I suddenly bolted upright. Maybe I was incorrect in my translation. I second guessed my limited knowledge of Visayan and rushed to find my friend Brittany (who was still up as it really was only 10:30pm... I had been on night before though, so I was sleep deprived and went to bed early). She translated and confirmed my dread-- "Melissa" was in labor. Her bag of waters had ruptured and she was on her way to the clinic! I rushed to get my self ready and called to have the guard pick me up.

When a midwife on shift called to tell me that my cont was there and very active, I told her that she was preterm. They decided to help get all of her vital signs and to monitor her until I arrived. I tried to prepare myself. I knew that transport was the most likely scenario. 34 weeks is early.... I tried to wake myself up and focus on the difficult task ahead....Not more than 10 minutes later and I was at the clinic. The supervisor carefully was reviewing the chart. "Melissa" was only 34 3/7 weeks gestational age (Term is 37+). She decided we would check to see if baby felt ready or preterm due to a variety of factors. Moments later I confirmed that everything appeared normal and that she was fully dilated. Baby was coming soon, ready or not.

Less than ten minutes later, at 11:09pm, baby Lian entered the world. He was small, but appeared term and healthy. We decided we would closely monitor him and later when I did the newborn exam, I would perform the Ballard Score. This is an exam that helps determine the approximate GA of a baby due to a number of factors. According to this test, baby Lian was about 37 weeks GA- early term.

Baby Lian and his mother are very special to me. Why? One reason is because on April 17, 2013 at 4:48am, I had the privilege to welcome little Lian's older brother Aljun into this world :) I am hoping at a later date to have pictures with all of them! God is so very good to have provided wonderful midwives for me to work with last night! I am so thankful! God is so Good!

Happy Birthday Little Lian! 5 lbs. 5 oz. (2400g) born March 31, 2014 at 11:09pm A/S 8,8

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Relaxing Crafts

I am a person who enjoys various forms of handiwork. In my "free" time, during study breaks, or when I need to stop and "chill", artwork and hand crafts are an expressive outlet for me. A few months ago, I had posted about exploring the medium known as oil pastel. I have greatly enjoyed doing so and have had fun making my own style- in a sense. Here are some photos are of random pieces of oil pastel artwork I have created over the past several months

  One of my recent projects was this quilt top (see below). I made it from fabric my family sent over. My roommate and I spent time together cutting out all the squares and over the last several months I have spent time hand sewing all of the squares together! I will wait to finish putting it with a backing until I get home as bringing just the top will be better for traveling.
Sew much fun!

Well, that is a brief glimpse of some of my more recent projects... not sure what my next "big" project will be :) I am looking forward to finding out though!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Study Break

So I know I am supposed to be studying... but I needed a quick study break.... so I left this (that is lady grey tea in the black mug--- not coffee)

 ... To go out on our porch, take a breath, and view this.....

I enjoy clear days when I can see Mt. Apo peeping in the horizon! Hope you enjoyed a little of the view too! Back to studying postpartum complications now!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A sweet voice

A sweet voice- the only way I can describe the voice that I heard when I answered my phone as I awoke from a foggy sleep. A sweet voice that was filled with empathy, tenderness and friendship. I am so thankful for the women I am priviledged to serve with here!
Being awakened an hour after you lay to rest is tough, but to hear a sweet voice on the other end of the phone is such a blessing! (Thanks Friend!) She told me I had a continuity patient at the clinic. Since the woman did not appear to be active in labor, my friend offered to delay sending the guard so I would have enough time to dress and throw things into my backpack without rushing like crazy. She also would start checking the patient in for me.
I arrived at the clinic about 15 minutes later and found my cont "Ferry" in very capable hands. As I received her care, I thanked my friend- her sweet voice helped to make coming in this night a pleasure as I knew I'd be greeted with a smile!
I took the chart and went to speak with "Ferry". Labor had only started a few hours before, but she did not want to wait at home any longer as she previously had experienced fast labors. I didn't blame her one bit. Further evaluation revealed she was just considered to be in "active" labor and would be admitted. As I started the admission process, I wondered if it would be a long night.
I really love my patient "Ferry". Even in the throws of labor pains, she would smile, laugh, and joke! She laughed at herself when she would groan in pain or when she felt the pain was so bad it was funny. What a character! This was her 3rd baby, and she was super excited!
As the night wore on, labor continued to progress. Soon I realized that birth was near. I moved to sit near her at the end of the bed. She decided it was time to push. Though I always try carefully to protect myself from "contamination" sometimes, it just isn't enough. The next thing I knew there was a puddle of meconium stained fluid pooling on my skirt and splatter marks on my scrub top. We knew there may not be time to change so I sponged off what I could... then onward and upward!
We immediately checked for the baby's heart beat. Our ears detected the dreaded thump, thump, thump of an 80 count. Again we listened- 90, 80- this was not good! Baby's heart had been averaging around 140 all throughout labor! We repositioned the mother and gave oxygen. "Ferry" pushed well. The baby was coming, but not fast enough! One midwife grabbed transport papers, another prepared for resuscitation, and another jumped on the bed to help the mother into supported squat. We all worked together. The baby's head slowly descended, but despite our efforts, the baby's heart beat dropped to 60.
We prayed aloud. We told the baby he needed to hurry. We encouraged "Ferry" as she pushed with all her might. The minutes seemed like hours, but it was not long after that his head emerged followed by a limp body. Though baby was blue and not breathing, he blinked his eyes as he looked around. Seconds later he gasped in his first breath and ended with APGAR scores of 6 and 8.
Though he took a while to get his tone and color, he was here and his mother was thrilled. The miracle of birth always amazes me! God is so good! Seconds may seem like hours at times, but birth is still such a precious miracle! Baby was born at 2:48am. (no name yet!)
After delivery of the placenta and ensuring "Ferry" was stable, I left mother and baby in the capable hands of my fellow midwives. I needed to wash and change. But is was worth it. Every second of the heart stopping moments, every second of sacrificed sleep, every second of laboring with a mother- it is always worth it. Why? Because I am a midwife and it is what I am called to do!
Now, this tired midwife must finish her laundry (did NOT want those scrubs to sit in my hamper) and get some needed sleep! God Bless!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hannah Faith

Perfect timing... That is what I thought this morning! I woke up to a text from the clinic. A continuity patient from our Centering group was there in labor. I was first up in the call rotation. Though I was told the patient did not appear very active, she was expecting her 4th baby which meant I should hurry. I quickly threw on scrubs, grabbed my backpack and hopped into the ambulance that had come to pick me up.
I arrived and took over the care of "Aimee". I checked and found that she was only 6-7 cm dilated. However, her bag of waters had ruptured at 5am, so I was unsure how quickly labor would progress. I took the opportunity to pray with her and her husband. It was neat to see this Christian couple lift up their voices with me as we prayed to the Lord.
I was starting to fill out some paperwork following admission. It was not longer than 10 minutes when her husband called for me. I rushed in, just in time to see the tuft of black hair emerge. I pulled on a pair of gloves and called for some help. Within ONE MINUTE, her precious baby emerged!
Their 3rd baby girl... Baby Hannah Faith- we thanked the Lord for the little bundle of joy that the Lord had given. Both Momma and baby were doing well and there were no major complications!
A few hours later I returned to the dorm and enjoyed a nice frigid shower. It was quite refreshing! Sleep will come later I am sure...
 I love being a midwife! I love what God has called me to do! Yes, it is hard at times, but it is worth it! I am so very blessed!