Monday, February 24, 2014

Early Morning Text

I awoke to the familiar chime of my cellphone. The often dreaded early morning text... 3am... wonder who it could be... "gud am midwife Sarah, I have sign of labor, I think 4 am or 5am I go to mercy... this is 'Renilda'"... I was excited! I had been on call the past few weeks eagerly awaiting "the text" from a few different continuity patients. After texting back and forth, I decided to try and sleep some more- after all, I had day shift ahead too.
Sleep did not come and after a few minutes, I gave in completely. "May as well get up" I thought to myself as I climbed from my bunk and dressed. I packed my bag just as a text came "I am on my way now". "Ok" I thought "guess it's time". I texted the clinic for a ride as I finished grabbing my lunch (that thankfully I had packed the night before) and tossing it into my back pack. Off we went!
"Renilda" is my age and expecting her 2nd baby. Her last pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage. We had been praying for this little one and eagerly awaited the birth of her first (hopefully) son. I made it to the clinic with enough time to grab her chart. As I turned around, there she was.
She was as beautiful as ever, and managed a smile despite the strong contraction that gripped her uterus. As quickly as I could we moved through the check in process. As I took her pulse she gasped and we both looked down. "SROM" I notified the superior midwife. "Renilda's" water had broken. It was only minutes later that baby "Ferdie Mar Jr" was born at 4:22am. It was a beautiful birth and "Renilda" had no complications! God is so good!
I was glad that God worked it out that I was on day shift as well. Though it made for a very long day, I had the blessed opportunity to care for "Renilda" and "Ferdie" until they were discharged later that morning. Sometimes that early morning text is not a bad thing!

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