Monday, February 24, 2014

Early Morning Text

I awoke to the familiar chime of my cellphone. The often dreaded early morning text... 3am... wonder who it could be... "gud am midwife Sarah, I have sign of labor, I think 4 am or 5am I go to mercy... this is 'Renilda'"... I was excited! I had been on call the past few weeks eagerly awaiting "the text" from a few different continuity patients. After texting back and forth, I decided to try and sleep some more- after all, I had day shift ahead too.
Sleep did not come and after a few minutes, I gave in completely. "May as well get up" I thought to myself as I climbed from my bunk and dressed. I packed my bag just as a text came "I am on my way now". "Ok" I thought "guess it's time". I texted the clinic for a ride as I finished grabbing my lunch (that thankfully I had packed the night before) and tossing it into my back pack. Off we went!
"Renilda" is my age and expecting her 2nd baby. Her last pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage. We had been praying for this little one and eagerly awaited the birth of her first (hopefully) son. I made it to the clinic with enough time to grab her chart. As I turned around, there she was.
She was as beautiful as ever, and managed a smile despite the strong contraction that gripped her uterus. As quickly as I could we moved through the check in process. As I took her pulse she gasped and we both looked down. "SROM" I notified the superior midwife. "Renilda's" water had broken. It was only minutes later that baby "Ferdie Mar Jr" was born at 4:22am. It was a beautiful birth and "Renilda" had no complications! God is so good!
I was glad that God worked it out that I was on day shift as well. Though it made for a very long day, I had the blessed opportunity to care for "Renilda" and "Ferdie" until they were discharged later that morning. Sometimes that early morning text is not a bad thing!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another day... Another Miracle!

I am sorry that I have neglected to write a post for quite some time.... Life has been very busy! Here is a story of a busy shift that occurred last week!

Around 9am “Chel” came into the clinic. This was her 2nd baby and was excited about welcoming another little girl into her life. Her bana was very supportive too. Upon evaluation she was 8cm dilated. She sat on the edge of the bed and joked with me. When a contraction hit, she calmly breathed and focused till it was past. She was amazing!
It really was not long until she was ready to push. When she started, I could feel that she was holding back. I asked what was wrong. She looked at me with a questioning glance and said “But ma'am, when will you give me anestesia and cut me? I know it will be so painful!” In that moment I understood. She had a very poor experience with her last birth. I gently explained that women birthed without medication every day, and that God had made her body strong. Yes, I told her it would be painful, but we would not cut her or numb her.... rather we would support her and help her as SHE birthed this precious gift from God.
She looked at me, breathed a sigh of relief and immediately progress was noted. A few short minutes later and baby Liannah entered the world. Her parents coo-ed and fawned over their precious baby girl. I was so proud of “Chel”. She worked past the pain and found the inner strength- the strength that God gave to each woman. The strength of LOVE for her child.

Day shift was only half over and only half my job done. Around 1pm, I worked with “Lyn-lyn” who was 17 and giving birth to her first child. She was focused and controlled. Rarely (if ever) have I seen such a young first time mother with such energy, focus, and control. She found her rhythm as each contraction began. She coached her self, saying aloud “one, two, three” followed by a hearty push. I would cue her to breathe. She would inhale deeply and then again repeat “one, two, three” followed by another push. This cycle continued with each contraction. When it came to the “ring of fire”, “Lyn-lyn” locked eyes with me and breathed. So calmly... So beautifully.... Moments later, her little son emerged into the bright world, eyes blinking and full of wonder. “Lyn-lyn” grasped her little son and explored the new found joy and love of motherhood.

The day was done. Time for me to return to my house. On the walk back I reflected on these two women. Each so strong in their own way. Each so filled with hope and love. Each so beautiful and amazing! It was a busy day, very busy... but the joy, warmth and love that I witnessed was a beautiful miracle- one I am so very blessed to be a part of! The miracle of new life and Love!