Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baby Blueberry

I came onto night shift slightly tired, but ready for whatever came our way. I was excited as I was told there was a woman in labor who was already 8cm. During the time of endorsements I was called to attend to her. She wanted to push, but instead we calmly breathed together. Not long after, I called for assistance as the shiny bag of waters was clearly visible. Only a few short minutes later and her beautiful baby boy entered this world! He had a tight cord looped around his neck which required a "somersault" before he was free to be in his mother's arms. What a cord! His cord was one of the largest I have ever seen! Much thicker than my thumb (like at least 3 times bigger!) Not long after, the placenta was delivered with little difficulty. Then the complications began. "Lyn's" uterus continued to bleed, despite the medications we gave. Though it was only a little each time, it was abnormal and very concerning. Praise the Lord that 20+ minutes of bimanual compression, an IV, a few injections, LOTS of prayer and 3 hours later her bleeding finally stopped! God is so good to us!
Welcome to the World little "Jabin"- my little blueberry baby!
Baby "Jabin" was born at 10:24pm Saturday night weighing 3700g or 8lbs 3oz... another big boy! His mother's total labor time, from first contraction until birth of "Jabin" was only about 2 hours and 20 minutes... talk about fast! Looking forward to continuing to care for this sweet family over the next few weeks!

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