Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Brief Review

This year has been a busy one! So much has transpired in the past 12 months! I have been very blessed! It would be a very LONG blog post if I were to recount all my blessings, highlights and struggles of the year... Here are a few of the major highlights of 2013 that stand out when I glance at 2013:

Visit to Tabuk- this was in March. I was blessed to spend a few adventurous weeks at a smaller maternity clinic in Tabuk, Philippines... it was a great experience- I even rode on a Carabao!

June Break- June was a packed month with a great trip home and my brother's wedding!

Cambodia Trip- In September/October I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia on a missions trip... It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much...

Brother-in-law - This year one of my "little" sisters (ok... younger... she isn't little anymore) became engaged to a great guy... next fall I will have a brother-in-law!

Aunty-I also found out that in the spring my brother and his wife are expecting a little girl! I am an Aunty!!!

12 Skills- I was able to be successful in my "12 Skills Project" where each month I learned a new skill and shared it here on my blog.

Sadness- unfortunately this year has also brought sadness... the overseas adoptions my family has been praying for and working towards is still suspended do to the foreign government closing USA adoptions... and also the death of one of my dear grandmothers...Please continue to pray for my family for comfort and also that the foreign government would again open their doors for USA adoptions! The children do not deserve this!

2013 also brought the privilege of witnessing many births and learning much from my Filipino friends... I am thankful for all God continues to teach me!

That is a brief glimpse of my year in review.... feel free to read through my blog for more detailed posts of my life this past year...
As the New Year rapidly approaches I look forward to all it will bring! Lord willing these are highlights I will continue to look forward to in 2014... April = birth of my niece.... August = going home and sitting for the NARM exam... September = My sister's wedding (and being maid of honor)... and only God knows what else! Have a blessed New Year Celebration!

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