Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Skill #9

Skill #9... September came and with it followed another busy schedule full of adventure! I spent 10 days living in Cambodia on a Lake where the team I was with helped with health care (mostly maternal, but it varied.... for the short version of the trip, read here.... and the long one to come)....
On my trip, I learned a lot, and with it skill #9....
How to Paddle a Suong
Now a suong is a long and shallow boat that is somewhat, slightly similar to a canoe, but not exactly... it is much wider and more shallow. It can have places on the bow and stern which you can kneel on to paddle... you sit on the floor cross legged if you are a passenger.... Paddling it is similar to canoeing, but also very different.... kind of hard to explain....
It was a lot of fun... it took a little coaching and a lot of observation, but after a few short trips I was able to handle and maneuver one fairly well, tho not nearly as well as the other girls who had been doing it their entire life... but close though!! 
Enough about the experience... I am sure you all want to see the pictures by now! So here are a few! Enjoy!

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