Friday, October 4, 2013

Cambodia Trip in short

What to write...How do I share all that happened... all that was in my heart? The past 2 weeks greatly affected me! But I keep sitting and trying to write, but the right words are not coming.... Then today it came.... Here is the short of my trip...

I saw..... God move and work miracles...... people  commit their lives to Christ...... God create a greater heart of compassion in my soul.... and so much more!
I experienced... spiritual warfare...... the love of fellow believers..... new foods..... ancient ruins... a Biblical perspective and way of life... and so much more!
I learned... that there is so much more that I could use and apply.... how my past training truly can help now... how my testimony is totally wrapped in my family's testimony... how to relate to others even if you cannot speak their language.... how to share knowledge and instruct in a simplified/easy to paddle a suong ... and so much more!
Now I pray that I will apply all that I saw, leaned and experienced....

For those who would like the long version (which, yes, includes more pictures).... be patient.... it is on its way!
Angkor Wat

Another view of Angkor Wat

Visiting the ruins was a powerful reminder.... this was for a DEAD god...                                            How far are Christians willing to go? 

My Friend Brittany and I

Life on the Lake

Yes, people live on these boats

The Barge complex we stayed at

God's Marvelous Beauty!

More will come soon! I promise!

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  1. Loved the short version and I'm sure I'll love reading more!! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you are doing well and back safely. Praying for you!!