Friday, September 6, 2013

Listening to His Whisper

When you hear the whisper, that still small voice inside, take the time to listen, See God work in your life!

I woke up, ready to face the day... I knew that I would have a postpartum check and waited eagerly for the text. It didn't come when I expected, so I waited.... Then I had an urge to pack for my volunteer shift at the clinic that afternoon. I should have plenty of time to return after the check for lunch before a group meeting  and swing shift... but the whisper was still there... so I packed my bag and some food. I had no sooner finished when I received the awaited text and pedaled to the clinic on my bike, backpack in tow.

After arriving at the clinic, I saw how busy it was... as I waited for the mother to be ready with her baby, I helped draw up some injections, I checked a postpartum mother and her baby. I then helped discharge another waiting new mother...

The mother I waited for was still not ready as she was waiting for her baby to receive her BCG vaccination. At that time, the birth room was crazy busy... and another 2 labors walked in. I volunteered and took one of the women back to check her baby. After admitting the patient, my continuity patient and her baby were ready for their check up. All was normal.

I finished the check and the birth room was very busy. I talked with the head midwife and donned my scrubs to lend a hand. I had no sooner changed, then I was handed a chart and asked to take over care for the said patient.

"Rose" was a cute young girl. 15 I was told. 15 and expecting her first baby. I looked down at her and saw a girl entering motherhood years before she "should". My heart broke to see her in pain and fear. I prayed with her and tried to comfort her through each of the contractions. It was not easy. I tried to help her understand that the baby would come soon. She shook her head. She wasn't ready. No, this baby would not come.
Not much later and the contractions took over. She wailed and cried. I spoke softly and looked into her eyes.. she was scared... we locked our eyes and with the next contraction she focused.... she knew it was time....

Not long after a beautiful little girl entered into the world.... baby Mea (May-ah)... after talking with "Rose" later, she asked if she could leave now. When asked why so soon, we discovered that the chart had been wrong... it was today that "Rose" turned 15 and she just wanted to go home for her birthday. Having a baby for her 15th birthday wasn't the present she was exactly hoping for....

I am thankful that I was able to be with this girl for her journey to motherhood, and I pray that she will be able to take care of herself and her baby. She lives with her boyfriend who is 19... and he only makes 1500pesos/month... the equivalent of about $35...
I pray that through my contact with her, I will have opportunity to talk with her and share Christ's love.


I had no sooner helped "Rose" get settled in the postpartum area of the clinic when another laboring mother walked in. The head midwife asked that I check her baby and see where her labor was at. The mother was in active labor and this was her 2nd baby. I thought she would progress rapidly.
I finished the paperwork from "Rose" and Mea and prayed that "Nacky" would wait to deliver her baby after I had a chance to refuel... it was 6pm...
God answered my prayer! I was able to recharge before she needed me to be with her constantly.

At about 7pm I began to labor intensely with her. Her bana had gone to buy food, and I felt she would wait for baby until he returned. At 8pm he returned... he wanted her to eat, but she refused. After the baby is born, she said...
After trying to push lying down, I could tell she was uncomfortable and there was no progress. She used the birth stool, and there was progress, but I was not comfortable as she began to swell. Then, we tried the supported squat position. 3 minutes later at 8:21pm, a beautiful baby girl slipped into the awaiting hands. She had a tight cord wrapped around her neck, but her body was able to somersault easily due to her mother's position.

A beautiful, miraculous birth... a learning experience... witnessing the love of a mother and father for their newborn baby....

An hour and half later I prepared to leave the clinic... what a blessed shift! I personally welcomed 2 beautiful baby girls into this world, help with postpartum checkups, give a well-woman exam, and discharge another mother and baby. I was able to observe a group of loving midwives and missionaries pull together to minister to women despite the busy atmosphere that presented itself. I was able to see faith and mercy in ACTION and participate in the unfolding events...


It hit me again... how much Faith is not only a part of missions, but also of midwifery! When we trust the Lord and allow him to guide in each aspect of our life, how much can HE be glorified!
Overall it was a wicked good day! I am blessed beyond words!!!!!

Baby Mea and Momma "Rose"

Baby Princess


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