Saturday, September 7, 2013


I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to go to Cambodia. The organization that I work with  has been asked by a missionary in Cambodia to send a team of midwives into a relatively unreached area. We would be working with people who live in house boat communities. These people are Vietnamese refugees and Cambodian nationals and they live far from any medical care.

We are going to bring a team of midwives in to assess the maternal health care and to formulate a plan to help provide quality care and virtually pave a way for the missions translators to share the Gospel. Midwifery care would potentially be provided in the home, on the family boat, thus opening the door for the translators (who are evangelists) to also enter the homes and share the Gospel. We would also have opportunity to teach these local Christian translators the basic skills needed to deliver a baby or recognize complications.

This is an amazing opportunity and a great privilege. My current work here is in an established clinic. The trip to Cambodia provides the opportunity to do the ground work... the plowing of the field so to speak... I would have opportunity to go with 2 other midwives and serve as "recon" for 10-14 days. We will be collecting maternal health data, statistics, and language skills to pass on to following teams. After the trip we will report back, debrief, and try to formulate a plan before another team is sent out.

As you may be able to tell, I am very excited to be on the ground breaking of this project! God is greatly working here and helping to expand the opportunities of service!

We are planning to leave around the 16th until the 30th, though I do not have any exact dates yet
God has been providing greatly, but I could still use some finances for the trip. I ask that you would keep this in your prayers. I will most likely not have any internet access while there, but I will update as I can! Please read my friends blog here to hear another exciting perspective! We are all excited, nervous, and looking forward to see what God is going to do on this new and wonderful adventure!

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