Monday, August 12, 2013

Surprise! Its a.....

I was very privileged to witness a beautiful birth the other day. The mother was younger and expecting her first baby. When I met her, she had just come in to the clinic thinking she was in labor. She had applied an oil that is known to stimulate contractions and they were strong, fast, and painful. Evaluation showed that she was only 3cm dilated though. After washing off the oil, the contractions subsided she went home to rest and wait for labor to progress.
After only 2 hours, she had returned. Her entire body showed that she was in true active labor. Her breathing had changed and the contractions were strong and true. She reported her water breaking 20 minutes before. No need to recheck progress, she would stay now. I labored with her and she handled the contractions well. She tried various positions for relief, but I could tell labor was quickly progressing. Her contractions had started at one in the morning and it was now 9. We would wait. We would be patient...
I monitored her frequently between a prenatal check up and a post partum exam. "Just breathe, you are doing wonderful... good job"... simple words of encouragement, but they made her face light up with pride... her baby was coming soon!
I sat at the edge of her bed and talked with her as she smiled and breathed through each contraction. I asked if she thought it was a boy or a girl... "Oh, it is a boy ma'am". The ultrasound tech had told her a boy and she was thrilled... "Just my boy and me then I am done with babies... this is so painful!" I looked at the young woman in pain, and alone. For all intents and purposes she was single. She had a bana, but didn't want him in the room or on the birth certificate... her bantay was an elderly neighbor. No mother there, no sister or aunty... just a kind neighbor and her midwife... She clung to her hope in her baby... a little baby boy...
It was then that I shared a story... of another mother who was told to expect a boy... but when the baby was born the doctors were as surprised as the parents to see a beautiful baby girl (Me!)... She just laughed as I said "well, I don't look like a boy, do I? So doctors can be wrong at times"... "I know" she replied, "but lalake sya (He is a boy)"... I smiled as labor rapidly moved on....
The time came... The time mothers look forward to and dread... Let me show you in pictures...
*Please note... below are some pictures of the beautiful miracle called birth! While I tried to withhold any graphic photos please be aware and proceed as desired... you have been warned!

Baby Born at 11:47 am

Momma's First Glance at Baby
Momma discovers she has a baby girl!

 After much surprise and deliberation, momma settled on Kyzee (American pronunciation Kacie) for her baby girl's name... for some reason, she didn't want to name her what I suggested... Sarah Jo... (her boy name was Joseph)... Total of 10 hour and 55 minutes from first contraction until arrival of the placenta...
Another busy day volunteering... another beautiful miracle... another surprise!
Welcome to the World baby Kyzee!


  1. What a wonderful story. You defiantly look like a "Pro"!! I also want you to know that Bruce prays for you every night. Keep up the great work. We love and miss you! :-)

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the prayers it is a real encouragement to hear! Miss you and your dear family! Thank you again!