Thursday, August 1, 2013

From Tears to Triumph

About time to share another birth story! This one starts with tears....

A few months ago I started to help provide care for a 19 year old girl... "Lara". She was pregnant with her 3rd baby. Her first, born when she was 17, was a healthy little girl. However, her last baby was born preterm at 20 weeks in the hospital. "Lara" needed a blood transfusion and the baby did not survive.

I spent a lot of time with "Lara". I prayed with her. I talked with her. Slowly, over time, I saw her emerge from the shell. I saw her open up to me. I saw her smile.

And then I got a text... "Mam Sarah, I am having contractions that won't stop. What should I do?"... she was 36 weeks and 5 days... PRETERM!
I advised a warm bath and other labor relief, but still the contractions came. 
Finally I had her come to Mercy.

Her contractions were strong. They would not stop. One after another, 2 minutes apart.... After consulting with the supervisor we explained the need to transport to the hospital.
She cried. I saw her slowly withdraw back into the shell. There was a blank look. She did not want to go back to the place where she lost her first baby... she was scared.... I was too, but I put on my brave face... I knew this was best for her and the baby.

When I said goodbye at the hospital I prayed with her. I asked her to text me to let me know how she was. I waited all night... no text. When I was alone later, I cried as I prayed for her.

The next morning I again texted her.... and Praise the Lord! The doctors were able to help stop her labor. She felt ok now and would be seeing me soon!

Wednesday I saw her during prenatal clinic. She was doing well. We talked for a while and slowly her smile returned. She said contractions had started at night, but left during the day. They were slightly painful now, but she was term... she was "safe" to deliver at the clinic... we prayed and looked forward to seeing when this baby would come into the world....

I awoke to my cellphone ringing... text message... I knew as I reached for my phone... "Mam Sarah, my water broke. I am on my way to Mercy"
Quickly climb down from my bunk, dress, brush my hair, throw scrubs into my bag and dash for the door... then run back to grab a banana and my water bottle... time to go!
I make it to the Clinic shortly before she arrives. Things rush through my mind... "would she be in active labor? would this birth go ok?" I prayed and drew a breathe as she walked into the clinic... here we go!

8:20am labor check in. All Vital signs normal... Upon examination, "Lara" was 4cm. Time for castor oil and exercise to help labor get moving!
9:30am "Lara" wants to start pushing... I encourage her to breath... we continue to monitor the baby and all is going well.
At 10:30am "Lara" is getting agitated and wants to push badly... At 10:55am I check again... only 7cm....normal progress, but she is not happy....
I offer various positions to help relieve the pain... she refused. I try to help calm her... she thrashes with each contraction. She is finally sitting at the edge of the bed.... She wails and moans with each contraction... At times, she digs into her bana's wrist... Then she bites down... His eyes widen and look at me pleading... I try to calm her....
"I can't do this any more Sarah... Sakit Kaayo... Daghan... NOOOOOO.... I CAN'T Anymore!!!!"
I try to help her breathe... I try to help calm her... she looks at me with fire in her eyes... She is DONE being pregnant... she just wants to push this baby out now.... reasoning will not help...
11:20am She throws herself down on the bed wailing.... I do a quick check... well, the baby's head is now visible... time to push!
The rest was a breeze... a few short minutes of pushing and breathing...the head emerges... tight nuchal cord, somersault, baby out... 11:25am
Welcome to the World Baby Dleanrain!

The tears again flow, but this time in triumph... baby "Rain" is a handsome baby boy who appears fully term and healthy... Another precious life enters the world!

Baby "Rain" -- 2600g/5lbs 12oz 49cm long

So Peaceful!

Sweet Family!

One Proud Papa!

Another sweet birth! God is so good to me! Every birth is such a miracle! I am always amazed each time I see a mother go from frantic to calm in just seconds... the tears of the terrified to the tears of the Triumphant.... God definitely had His hand in this birth! I am so thankful for all He does!
Praise the Lord!

(oh, and if there was any doubt.... I LOVE MY MINISTRY!!!)


  1. Always amazed at how God is using you my darling daughter~ I am so very proud of you. I love you.

  2. What an awesome birth story Sarah, Thanks for sharing. God is faithful, even when we don't always understand all the details!

  3. What a blessing to have a young lady seek to be with you at this special time. I'm sure she was drawn by your Godly strength. I'm just so thankful to the Lord that He gave mom, dad and you a beautiful healthy boy to end this touching story!