Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For my Father...

Here is just a little poem I wrote for my Daddy's birthday today...

As a girl grows, she treasures the one
who kisses her knees and bandages her thumb.
She loves her prince charming and is sad when she learns
She can't marry Daddy, but she is still his special girl.
He offers her hugs, he helps her build forts,
He builds huge snow jumps, he's always a good sport.
He shows her how to hunt patiently in the cold,
How to dress a deer, and to drag it through snow.
He teaches her how to hold a gun and shoot straight
He also instructs her on building a pasture gate.
Together they laugh, together they cry.
He is her comforter when her beloved pets die.
There is nothing that would stop him from helping his little girl.
In her eyes, he holds the entire world!
She loves him and prays for him every day.
And She holds a high standard for whoever looks her way.
He is my hero, my Father, my friend.
I'll Love you forever... Till eternity's end!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Although I am not home, I pray you have a blessed day! Love you!

1 comment:

  1. I love this pic! Wonderful heartfelt poem with so many sweet memories!!