Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For my Father...

Here is just a little poem I wrote for my Daddy's birthday today...

As a girl grows, she treasures the one
who kisses her knees and bandages her thumb.
She loves her prince charming and is sad when she learns
She can't marry Daddy, but she is still his special girl.
He offers her hugs, he helps her build forts,
He builds huge snow jumps, he's always a good sport.
He shows her how to hunt patiently in the cold,
How to dress a deer, and to drag it through snow.
He teaches her how to hold a gun and shoot straight
He also instructs her on building a pasture gate.
Together they laugh, together they cry.
He is her comforter when her beloved pets die.
There is nothing that would stop him from helping his little girl.
In her eyes, he holds the entire world!
She loves him and prays for him every day.
And She holds a high standard for whoever looks her way.
He is my hero, my Father, my friend.
I'll Love you forever... Till eternity's end!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Although I am not home, I pray you have a blessed day! Love you!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Skill #7

Onward time marches! Time for another skill update!

This month I learned how to make....
Ready for it?

Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Egg Free Corn bread...

Maybe it doesn't sound, like a skill, but it took a few attempts and lots of "tweaking" to get pretty nice results (that tend to disappear quickly!). It has a good flavor, but the texture is slightly more crumbly (I presume this is because it has no wheat or gluten in it).

While I was home on break, I was tested for allergies and learned that I should avoid wheat/gluten/eggs/dairy(mainly the whey so I can still eat cheese!-not that it is easily obtained here/is super expensive)/and mushrooms (among many other things). Here in the Philippines I have been doing my best. It isn't extremely difficult, but does require a lot of self control. I do not admit to perfection though... I do allow myself to cheat about once a week (for one meal or treat). So, perhaps more skills to follow will be new recipes or substitutions... I wasn't planning on this avenue for new skills, but when life makes you lemons... learn how to use them!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A time of refreshment

I am very thankful for all of the prayers and encouragement that I have received during my time in the Philippines. I am very blessed! God graciously allowed me to return home to Maine for the month of June which was an amazing whirlwind of a month!
In my time at home, I grew a deeper sense of all that my support system means to me, and I thank you for that! The little words of encouragement, the commitments to pray, they all encouraged me very deeply. Thank you!

As I venture into this next commitment of 14 months, there are many unknowns ahead...
*I am still in need of financial support (due August 1st). If you would like to help support my ministry here in the Philippines please either contact myself, my sending church, or my parents...
*There are family changes- my younger sister is in a courtship and my older brother just married
---just to name a few! But through all of the changes happening in my life at this time I have learned to focus more on the Lord and to just TRUST Him... I know that He has a purpose and a plan! And that plan is for my good and for His glory!

Refreshment came in other forms as well this past month- here are some highlights (no list of priority)!
*spending one-on-one time with family members (my grandmothers, my uncle, my siblings, my parents, my new sister-in-law)
*spending time in the Lord's house! I absolutely LOVE my church family, the preaching, the singing.... What more can I say than that the Lord really used my church to encourage me and lift up my spirit!
 Thank you!
*helping my mother get her new milking goat, and spending mornings milking the goat
*witnessing my little brother run into the house yelling "baby ducks! We have baby ducks!" and then dragging me out to see the fuzzy newly hatched babies!
*participating in the most beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed!
*visiting the Portland Head Light
*walking in the woods (Getting poison ivy though was NOT part of that refreshment :P )
*riding in a 2014 Mustang (a NICE car, and no I didn't get to drive it, but the ride was still a TON of fun!)
*Shooting my peeps- ok, this one does deserve a picture
It was so much fun! We destroyed dozens of peeps with two 22's, a Glock 9mm and a 12 gauge shotgun... ok, so the shotgun did most of the destroying, but still ;) must plan on making this an annual event!
*making bread, cheese, and different goodies for my family and friends
*sitting by the fire pit, watching the stars and listening to the loon call
*having a picnic with close friends in the woods... while wearing ball gowns! (May I just say to those of you in Maine, Red Barn is good picnic food!)

What fun!
*and many other things!

I just want to again thank everyone who participated in my trip whether through prayers, or physically participating... It was a wonderful time of refreshment! You are such a blessing to me! I do ask that you would continue to lift me up in your prayers as I still have need of support and life is starting to get busy (4 clinic shifts per week, heavy assignment, etc)... I do covet your prayers!

One more time I just want to say


Skill #6

Another month, another skill! It has been quite a whirlwind of a month! I was blessed to return home to Maine, visit with many friends and family, and witness my brother's beautiful wedding! Ok, so what is the skill? Being a bridesmaid for the first time! It was a lot of fun! I am so very happy for my brother and my new sister! God is so good!

Now the constant question..... what will this month hold for a skill? Any good suggestions?