Sunday, May 5, 2013

27 days.....

"Oh give me a home where the white tailed deer roam,
Where the moose and the black bear do stay,
Where the loon is heard and the chickadee bird,
And fresh lobsters are down by the bay!
Home, home, in Maine...
Where the moose and the black bear do stay,
where the loon is heard and the chickadee bird,
And fresh lobsters are down by the bay!"

Yes, someone is missing home and getting ready to return there soon. I am greatly looking forward to spending the month of June with my family and friends! So much is happening and changing! I have a special wedding to attend (Hard to believe my big brother is getting married), and a sweet friend's graduation.... Exciting times!

It has been difficult seeing my siblings grow and change from a distance, I am ready to see them all again!
My littlest brother lost his first tooth, is learning to read, and is memorizing Scripture... My littlest sister is now riding without training wheels and growing into quite the poultry girl.... My other younger brother is also riding without training wheels.... My other younger sister is learning the violin, the piano, and becoming a big helper...My other older, younger sister is busy with her new job and volunteer work... and my older brother went from not interested in a relationship to courting, to engaged, with a wedding in June!!!!

So life has changed a lot... I know I have also grown and changed... I am excited to see my family and to continue to learn how to embrace these changes with a positive attitude. I am truly so blessed! I am thankful for the opportunity to be here and serve the Lord as a missionary! God is so very gracious to have provided for me to return home!
Anyway, all this to say that Lord willing, in 27 days I will be in Maine... am looking forward to pulling into the driveway and being tackled by my kiddos... one of the best feelings in the world! The feeling of being surrounded by family! Praise the Lord!!!!!

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  1. Will be praying for your safe travel. It must be wonderful to know you will be in your loved ones arms very soon:)I'm sure a piece of your heart will be left in the Philippines and the people there will miss you!