Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tabuk Trip- Part 2 Adventures!

Our journey was full of adventures from the start! Here is a kind of photo journal of a few of those.....
A view of the rice fields from the clinic balcony.... what a gorgeous view!

 Almost every day I was able to go on a walk down to the river... and see sights like this.....

 Nothing like walking down to the river on a hot day and taking a swim!

 On our last Saturday in Tabuk, we went on a picnic up in the mountains..... It was beautiful... the water was cold... and I only walked away with a slight sunburn :D

 It was a ton of fun!!!!!

For St. Patrick's day...I did miss being at home with our normal corned beef/cabbage boiled dinner... and all the things we do together, but still had a fun celebration in Tabuk..... green pizza, green rice, and green cupcakes! YUMMY!!!

It was a great trip with lots of fun sights and sounds! I was able to work in the clinic and witness several births. God blessed me with many fun times... Riding a Caribao and so many other great adventures! More pictures to follow in Part 3 :D

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  1. Wow!!!How exciting to go on a trip filled with adventures! The view is so beautiful! My mother used to color all our food green for St. Patrick's Day. I always looked forward to the green eggs:) God Bless!