Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skill #2

To This :D
So, maybe you are wondering... what is Skill #2 (from my 12 skills project) and here it is.... copying a dress with no pattern!.... Definitely not easy... I have needed lots of help from my friend Melissa, but finally have finished my first copied dress!
From This....
Here is a fun Photo of Melissa being Melissa and Me being Me :D She is fun stuff and has lots of good thoughts on things. You can read about her blog here.
Glad to have finally finished this project :D 

Now to see what Skill #3 will be... any suggestions????????


  1. Wow! That is impressive! I love love love sewing and I know it takes skill and determination to sew a dress without a pattern. How much fun is it that you now have two dresses of that same style! It looks great by the way:)Possible next skill suggestion...writing a poem in the local language?
    Thanks again for your dedicated service there!

  2. wow Sarah dose that bring back memoryes mom used too make things witout a patten you did a great Job proud off you

  3. That looks awesome! Great job. I can't sew WITH a that's awesome! :)
    I love the material and color too!