Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skill #2

To This :D
So, maybe you are wondering... what is Skill #2 (from my 12 skills project) and here it is.... copying a dress with no pattern!.... Definitely not easy... I have needed lots of help from my friend Melissa, but finally have finished my first copied dress!
From This....
Here is a fun Photo of Melissa being Melissa and Me being Me :D She is fun stuff and has lots of good thoughts on things. You can read about her blog here.
Glad to have finally finished this project :D 

Now to see what Skill #3 will be... any suggestions????????

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Learning to Listen...

I have been learning a lot recently. One of the lessons that I am learning is learning to listen. We often rush so much that we need to just focus on listening...This is not only learning to listen to the Lord, but learning to listen to others and learning to listen to the mothers I serve. Here is an example of one of those lessons...

Last night I was blessed to be a part of this little baby's birth. His mother was admitted at 1pm as she was 6cm dilated. She labored very well. This was her 3rd baby and she knew what she wanted. "Lai" was very happy and talkative throughout her labor. She chatted about her other two boys and how this baby was also going to be a boy. Her bana was not yet with her because he was at his job, but she didn't know when he would arrive. "Lai" predicted that her baby would wait for his dad to be there, but she didn't always like when her bana was with her because then he saw her face when she was in pain...
Time progressed. "Lai" continued laboring well. After 5pm her bana arrived. She started to want to push, but told me that she was nervous because there wasn't as much pain with this baby. This pain was less and that wasn't normal... was it? "Lai" knew that she wanted to give birth upright on the birth stool because "when I lay on my back it just hurts more and just isn't right for my body".
Here was a woman who listened to her body. I learned a lot by watching her labor and listening to her. She told me how she felt and I was able to show her how to try to relax her muscles instead of tensing them with a contraction- it helped! She labored on the birth ball and tried various laboring positions which helped her labor pains a lot.
After some trial pushing with no progress she labored on her hands and knees to help her become fully dilated. 15 minutes later her water broke... she knew she was ready and we helped her to move back to the birth stool. After only 12 minutes of "pushing"- really pushing only slightly and focusing on breathing- the baby's head fully emerged. As I did a cord check I found a nuchal cord-one loop, no two, no THREE! With some support from the supervisor, the baby was "Somersaulted" (The head was held as the body was birthed in order to allow the cord to unwrap without tightening on his neck) and fully birthed. 6lbs 7oz, her biggest baby yet :D Baby Axel Jacob was born at 6:21pm.
I learned so many things at this birth. I won't bore you with all the details, but will share a few things here. First, I learned that how one expects pain really does effect how they react and how they deal with it. Next, I also much about handling birth situations. Lastly (for here) I learned to trust the mother if she trusts her body.
 By taking the time to listen to "Lai" and have her analyze what her body was doing/needed I was able to help her more effectively. By listening to the supervisor I learned new (to me) techniques and ways to improve myself in birth situations. Also, I continued to learn how to listen!
It was a wonderful birth experience! God is so good to bless me with so many opportunities to see the miracle of birth and to learn so much! Thank you Lord! 

Baby Axel Jacob