Sunday, January 20, 2013

Showers of Blessings...

This morning, the song showers of blessings came to my mind. I awoke, looked out the window and saw the rain pouring from the sky... It was one of those days that made it very hard to get out of bed... especially on a Sunday... especially after volunteering at the clinic for swing shift last night....

Swing shift... started slow... no women in labour, so we finished folding the gauze for sterilization. Around 4pm, a woman came in. She did not appear to be very active as she went to the CR. I looked at her chart. 20 years old. G2-She was pregnant with her 2nd child. Good, she "knows" what labor is... P1-She delivered her second baby, a quick glance in the file-baby was born here a few years before.
Then I noticed a two more notations beside... L-0... I looked through her chart and discovered that her last baby had died within his first two months of life...
I took her back and helped take her vital signs and listen to the baby's heart beat. All seemed good. I talked with her and discovered that her last baby had a disease that affected his bowels... after talking with the Supervisor I learned that if caught early enough, it can be reversed with surgery... We explained that we would keep a close eye and that it was very important that she return for post partum visits where we could monitor this baby (she had not returned for any of her checks with her prior pregnancy).
She was still (understandably) very nervous. An IE was done at 4:25pm and she was 7cm dilated We prayed together and talked more. She did not appear to be in much pain, but very focused on labouring well. We did kiay-kiay (hip swaying), we tried lunges, she laid down, she sat up, we breathed through each contraction. When the urge was stronger to push we blew "horse lips" and released the urge to push.
7:22pm SROM- I managed to not get a bath :) She wanted to push, so the Supervisor checked... only 9cm...
I continued to labour with this woman and her bana.
I was so amazed watching this young woman. She was so strong, so brave. She could not speak great English, neither could I speak good Visayan, yet we seemed to completely understand each other, only having to get a "translator" once or twice. She knew this was hard work, but it would be worth it. Every time I check the baby's heart either she or her bana would ask "Ok lang?" or "Normal lang?" and I would show them on the chart how their baby's heart was well in the normal limits. All was going well aside from it taking a while for her to dilate.
8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm... still able to breathe, but harder now...
9:30pm, a new Supervisor arrived and decided it was time to check again... this time she was fully dilated and ready to begin the pushing phase. We worked together, she tried lying down, then supported squat on the bed. It seemed to be working. Night shift arrived. She had been pushing for a good 30 minutes and the baby's head had not yet completely descended.... I endorsed to the next shift.... there was nothing left for me to do but pray....

I awoke this morning to my alarm and looked and saw the rain... I groaned inside... I didn't really have to go to church today-did I... my head swarmed with excuses, but in my heart, I knew I needed to go... I needed the encouragement and refreshment that only spending time in the Lord's house can bring....

It was a very blessed service! I was able to meet a very nice family and talk with them. They were so sweet! And surprisingly the husband had met one of my friend's family as they were on the plane to visit her in the Philippines! It is a small world! So as the rain poured down, the day was still richly blessed... I met some brothers and sisters in Christ, I was encouraged by the preaching of the Word of God, and I enjoyed the cooler day the rain brought...

"There shall be showers of blessing:
This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Savior above.
Showers of blessing,
Showers of blessing we need:
Mercy drops round us are falling,
But for the showers we plead."

This afternoon I did find out the outcome of the woman from last night.  She delivered a little baby girl about 45 minutes after I left... God is good!


  1. Enjoyed reading this on my way to church this morning...(I wasn't driving, just to clear that up :))
    Great post! We all need that reminder sometimes! But God is so good. And just when we might be too tired or not feeling up to church or some other event, we are always Soooo blessed that we went!
    So sad to hear about the woman that lost her baby at two months :( I pray she comes back for all her check ups this time around. They are all so blessed to have you there to encourage them and pray with them!
    You're doing a great job!!!

  2. Thank you for the reminder Sarah~ Love and prayers~Mom

  3. I love reading your blog but I never take the time to reply. So sorry! I will try better starting right now....ok now...:) I just love the whole birth process and reading about the experiences God blesses you with is so exciting! I'm so happy for you and I can tell you are happy! Being smack dab in the middle of God will can do that! Looking forward to reading more stories! God Bless and my prayers are with you right now...and now...and

  4. Women are often stronger than men give them credit for! Glad you're staying strong and drawing close to God even when you're tired!