Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Blessings...

This Christmas was different... I tried to prepare myself for the worst... What would my first Christmas away from family and loved ones be like? Although it was very different from how I normally spend my Christmas, I found this one to be a time of joy and thanksgiving as it should be :D
My Christmas started with my working night shift Christmas eve. It was set to be a fun shift!!! My friend Brittany was on with me as well as a few of our Filipina friends and two other fellow missionaries. Our shift didn't seem to be busy, but Brittany helped welcome a baby right before midnight as I was helping another laboring mother.
We laughed and talked and enjoyed each others company. The woman I was helping shared with me that she was nervous about this baby. She was 21 and this was her 3rd girl. She had thought the baby would have been born before Christmas and was sad that her 2 1/2 year old and 1 year daughters would wake up Christmas morning without her at home...
What could I do, but pray with her and encourage this mother that everything would be alright and that if things continued to progress she would be home before lunch.... with a new Christmas present!
As labor continued, we knew she would deliver soon... and we were correct!
At 2:53am baby Zabreena was born in the cull!... this is when the membranes do not rupture before birth and there is little fluid between the membranes and the baby's head... it was the first time I had ever seen a birth "in the cull"! Baby Zabreena also had a double nuchal cord and an "ankle wrap" (the cord was twisted around her neck twice and her ankle once).
It was a wonderful start to my list of Christmas Blessings...

After this delightful shift, and a quiet walk back to the house with Brittany, I was able to have a few hours of sweet sleep before attending a  Christmas Brunch at the other house. We had a lovely time of fellowship, then returned again. After preparing Christmas dinner, I laid on the couch thinking I would keep an eye on dinner... and awoke 2 hours later when Melissa returned from the clinic... Thankfully nothing burned :D (another Christmas blessing)....

For dinner, I made pork stuffing, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and breaded chicken breasts. Our little house had a quiet meal together, enjoying each others company.... This was followed by heading off to another Christmas party and more fun, christmas cookies, games, and fellowship...

After this last party (can't ever remember having 3 Christmas parties in one day- on shift, brunch, and dessert) I returned and had the wonderful opportunity to skype with my family for a few hours! What a great ending to a very different Christmas!

So although very different, far from home and in a foreign land, I still had a joyous day celebrating the Saviour's birth with new friends, and my precious family! God is so AMAZING... I am so very thankful for the blessing of modern technology... My Christmas, different, but saturated with blessings!

Now I am looking forward to the new year with excitement... I can't wait to see how the Lord will work and provide! When I think how much I have learned in the past year, I stand in awe of His goodness and faithfulness.... My God is Above ALL!

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  1. Great post Sarah. Loved reading the update and glad your Christmas was blessed!
    Happy New Year :)