Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twice Thankful!

What a wicked busy shift! I had the blessing of being able to participate in a very fun, but busy shift... we had a total of 8 births... all within four hours... and 7 of those were within 2 hours of each other....

I arrived at shift just before 5:45am and was "endorsed" a laboring mother to watch. She was 9+cm dilated and this was her 3rd baby. Besides not knowing any english, the only other concern that was endorsed was "lots of bloody show"- lots of blood, more than normal. When I checked heart tones, they went from the quick and steady thump thump thump to thump... thump... thump... 116, 110... the supervisor advised we prepare the transport papers. I slipped on a sterile glove to help apply head stimulation... we prayed aloud... thump...thump... "Ate... more blood" thump... thump... Then suddenly, our prayers were answered and the rhythmic thumping picked up to a pleasant rate... we were thankful, but knew that the baby must be born soon.

Minutes later SROM (spontaneous rupture of membranes aka, her bag of waters broke) occurred with thick meconium staining and more blood... Then the baby's head was visible. Another minute (or two... hard to keep track when you are not charting and in the moment) and the baby was born (nuchal hand and all :D ). When the baby was born, he was covered with a coat of blood. The midwives suctioned and more blood was removed during the suctioning. A few moments later, the placenta was delivered. It was a very irregular shape with extra lobes on the side. After all was settled the midwife explained what we believe happened....
Looking back, we think that the placental lobes partially detached from the uterine wall before SROM and before the baby was born. That would explain the great bleeding prior to birth and the blood in the SROM and baby's system. Thankfully, the baby was ok with the care we could provide, and also we are very thankful that there was not a full placental rupture... PRAISE THE LORD!

Ok... so baby #1 was born at 7:06am, 6lbs 3oz ... then, life got real busy, real fast :D

At 8am a second laboring mother was assigned to me... another midwife checked her in as I was still helping the first mother. I went to assist this second mother and we discovered that she was also 9+cm dilated... the midwife just smiled at me and I knew... it would be a busy shift!

This mother was getting ready to push and wanted to around 9... the thing was, there were (only) 6 other mothers laboring at the same time. Not to long later, this mother also had SROM (clear, but a LOT!) and I happened to be putting on gloves and sitting near the end of the bed when it happened.... use your imagination here :D

A few minutes later, a baby was born in the cubicle to the one side of us... seven minutes later, the mother on our other side gave birth... the next minute was this mother's turn. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, 5lbs, 1oz at 9:30am... her placenta was also and interesting shape--triangular ....and the births just kept going :D

I will refrain from rehearsing all the details from births that occurred (I will mention that we did get creative and there was one birth on the baby check up bed, and another on the suturing table due to the fact that all the other beds were filled) and skip straight to the pictures!

Baby Precious Jane (white hat) Myself, and Baby Mark Jason (Blue hat)

 Everyone pitched in to help... those who weren't on shift,
 those that don't normally help with births... 
we all just worked together!

 And eight babies later..... our board looked like this......

That is what I call a wicked good day! I was so very thankful for my double blessings today! 
God be praised!


  1. Wow, what an amazing day. God is so good, I'm so happy for you and proud of you. Thank you for sharing the evidence of how God answers prayers :). Love you my sweet friend and praying for you often.

  2. Wow. What an incredible day! Sounds busy, tiring, and Soooo exciting :)
    Praise the Lord!
    ~Love and Prayers from Maine~