Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twice Thankful!

What a wicked busy shift! I had the blessing of being able to participate in a very fun, but busy shift... we had a total of 8 births... all within four hours... and 7 of those were within 2 hours of each other....

I arrived at shift just before 5:45am and was "endorsed" a laboring mother to watch. She was 9+cm dilated and this was her 3rd baby. Besides not knowing any english, the only other concern that was endorsed was "lots of bloody show"- lots of blood, more than normal. When I checked heart tones, they went from the quick and steady thump thump thump to thump... thump... thump... 116, 110... the supervisor advised we prepare the transport papers. I slipped on a sterile glove to help apply head stimulation... we prayed aloud... thump...thump... "Ate... more blood" thump... thump... Then suddenly, our prayers were answered and the rhythmic thumping picked up to a pleasant rate... we were thankful, but knew that the baby must be born soon.

Minutes later SROM (spontaneous rupture of membranes aka, her bag of waters broke) occurred with thick meconium staining and more blood... Then the baby's head was visible. Another minute (or two... hard to keep track when you are not charting and in the moment) and the baby was born (nuchal hand and all :D ). When the baby was born, he was covered with a coat of blood. The midwives suctioned and more blood was removed during the suctioning. A few moments later, the placenta was delivered. It was a very irregular shape with extra lobes on the side. After all was settled the midwife explained what we believe happened....
Looking back, we think that the placental lobes partially detached from the uterine wall before SROM and before the baby was born. That would explain the great bleeding prior to birth and the blood in the SROM and baby's system. Thankfully, the baby was ok with the care we could provide, and also we are very thankful that there was not a full placental rupture... PRAISE THE LORD!

Ok... so baby #1 was born at 7:06am, 6lbs 3oz ... then, life got real busy, real fast :D

At 8am a second laboring mother was assigned to me... another midwife checked her in as I was still helping the first mother. I went to assist this second mother and we discovered that she was also 9+cm dilated... the midwife just smiled at me and I knew... it would be a busy shift!

This mother was getting ready to push and wanted to around 9... the thing was, there were (only) 6 other mothers laboring at the same time. Not to long later, this mother also had SROM (clear, but a LOT!) and I happened to be putting on gloves and sitting near the end of the bed when it happened.... use your imagination here :D

A few minutes later, a baby was born in the cubicle to the one side of us... seven minutes later, the mother on our other side gave birth... the next minute was this mother's turn. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, 5lbs, 1oz at 9:30am... her placenta was also and interesting shape--triangular ....and the births just kept going :D

I will refrain from rehearsing all the details from births that occurred (I will mention that we did get creative and there was one birth on the baby check up bed, and another on the suturing table due to the fact that all the other beds were filled) and skip straight to the pictures!

Baby Precious Jane (white hat) Myself, and Baby Mark Jason (Blue hat)

 Everyone pitched in to help... those who weren't on shift,
 those that don't normally help with births... 
we all just worked together!

 And eight babies later..... our board looked like this......

That is what I call a wicked good day! I was so very thankful for my double blessings today! 
God be praised!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two times the blessing!

I always feel that being involved in the miracle of is a blessing... today I was doubly blessed! This morning I was "endorsed" a laboring mother to watch and help out. In the midst of other birth room business I heard "SROM" and rushed in to be with her. About 20 minutes later, she pushed a beautiful  baby boy into the world! Amazing! He had a nuchal hand and nuchal cord (he came out with a cord around his neck and a hand pressed to his cheek), but praise the Lord, he was ok.... Mom was good too... she was a 20 year old and this was her 3th baby... Wow...
So, here I present baby Jairus.... 7lbs 1oz...

After getting baby Jairus and his mom all settled in post-partum, I was working on some paper work when the supervisor assigned another labor to me as well... This time the mother was 26 and this was her first baby! I was excited for her! She was doing a great job breathing... and not even 2 hours later I was able to again witness the miracle of birth and welcome baby Mary Christine into this world...... 5lbs. 3oz. Her placenta fit in my hand and the cord was smaller than my little finger...  she also had a tight nuchal cord and the cord was wrapped around her body as well...

So I was doubly blessed! By the end of shift I was exhausted, but God gives strength as we need it! Here we are together, Jairus (yellow hat), Mary Christine (Pink/white hat) and I....
God is so good! Miracles happen everyday! I am so thankful to be witness to one of the greatest miracles of all!

Friday, November 9, 2012

"I'm sorry"

I am so thankful for the many lessons that I have learned here and continue to learn. I was reminded today of how often we in America try to control things. How often do you say the words "I'm sorry".... In language lessons today we learned about why we shouldn't say "I'm sorry" as much as we would normally in English. Think of the circumstances where we say "I'm sorry"....

    Your friend just lost her father... "I am so sorry"... here, it would be seen as "did you have a reason to be sorry... did you cause his death... why are you apologizing for what life brings..."

    You are doing a procedure and there is pain... "I'm sorry".... are you causing the pain, or is the pain a normal necessary response... why are you apologizing for a normal, howbeit painful, occurance....
   I realized that we say the words "I'm sorry" much to often. We are not in control and need not apologize for things that are out of our control. Rather, the proper response here is pasensya na "have patience/bear with me" or  ampo na lang "just pray now". (this is not to say we shouldn't apologize if we are late, or such, but we should take care and not apologize for things that are not in our control)
Just an interesting thought that challenged me... how often do I assume the responsibility for things that are out of my control.... why would I put more on my shoulders than the Lord would give for me to bear?  Just a thought!
"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 
~ I Peter 5:7~

Thursday, November 1, 2012

End of a long day....

I sit at the table in the clinic, working figures and equations with friends... training our minds to reason... then we hear it... a high pitched scream... A number of us rush into the stair well where 30 minutes before we had passed a laboring woman climbing up and down the stairs... Thankfully, she wasn't giving birth at that moment, she was just scared and needed help through some contractions... Nancy (who was volunteering on shift with me at the clinic) stayed with her as the rest of us headed back to study....
After finishing our "brain training"  I headed back downstairs to the birth room of the clinic where I was on shift. The supervisor informed me that I was to help bantay (watch) a labor. It was the woman (I should rephrase that as girl) from earlier. She was 18 and very scared. She didn't know to expect this intense of pain. She also had a very low pain tolerance. Nancy and I labored with her for quite some time, teaching her to breathe deeply and relax her body through the contractions.
She was doing wonderfully and was able to breathe through on her own with her bana after a little while. I left the two of them alone and decided to just check fetal heart tones every 15 minutes. However, I was frequently called in because she had bloody show- is it normal?- or she needed to go to the CR- is that ok?etc... They were a great couple to work with though... such a joy!
Around 5pm I went in for another check. She was laboring well on hands and knees. She sat back as I checked the baby's heart... sounded good... I noticed more bloody show and decided to have her lie on her back so I could help her clean up and just assess progress.... as she turned over, I noticed that it wasn't just bloody show, but a whole swatch of hair... "ATE... HEAD VISIBLE!!!!!"
The midwife ran in... she birthed beautifully! At last, she seemed able to focus on the task at hand, scared as she was, she knew the end was near........ here are the results......

First time mom and baby Dreavan

Big boy... 7lbs, 1oz.

Happy, but tired family!

one happy, but tired me and baby Dreavan
PUAH #2, and on top of all that, as I was leaving shift, I was handed two letters from home! Praise the Lord for an amazing end to a long day! God is so good to me.... and I do not say that lightly... I am