Monday, October 22, 2012

Boat trip fun!

Here are some photos of the boat trip that I was able to go on. It was quite the day! I never though I would be on a boat someday that would take me to a tropical island and sea the world of "finding nemo" in person... Wow... can only partially describe it! Although I don't have an underwater camera so there are no pictures of those wonderful sights, I was given some pictures that Melissa took with her camera that give a glimpse into our day....
Brittany, Nancy, and I on the boat getting ready to leave

Leaving the harbor...

A long distance view of Isle Verde

A cool shot of the length of the boat

Tropical beach

View of an island we passed

Melissa and I... and some starfish! 
(yes Anna, they are alive...
 and Michael... no, they didn't bite me)

Thank you Melissa for sharing your amazing photos! I had a wonderful day enjoying the beautiful world God created under the ocean. I saw clown fish, lion fish, sea snakes, tons of coral, sea sponges, angel fish, sea slugs.... the list keeps going on! It was great! Thank you Lord for a glimpse at your AMAZING creation!

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  1. thank you for sharing these great picture very happy for you that you got this Blessing keep up the good work your doing love & prayers gram