Sunday, September 9, 2012

Slow and steady.... chomps down a weed?

 Day to day life gets to be busy here. You have so many different things to do, papers to write, language to study, house hold chores, and volunteer time at the clinic. It is great!
Some days, though, we just need to take a break and slow down our busy life. Even taking it slow one can get a lot done... slow and steady wins the race (or eats a huge weed in your path) :D
I was reminded of this the other night when my housemate found this "little guy" and showed him to me. It was a very neat experience to watch him.... it was almost unreal....what a blessing to get a glimpse of God's creatures!

Meet Mr. Snail
Here you can see the tall plant that he has broken in half with his persistent chomping!

Here he is compared to a hand!


A good little reminder of how powerful one can be with determination!

Just thought I would share this little reminder! Have a blessed day and continue slow and steady on the path God has placed you! And enjoy watching the little guys He places along your trail!!!!
Happy Trails!

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