Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Earthquake, Jonah, and a good bye

It has been a very busy past few days!

 I guess it started a few days ago (August 31) with the earthquake. I am fine :D From what I read/heard it was a 7.9 earthquake off from the Philippine Islands. There was a tsunami warning sent out (it has since been dropped for my area). On the subject of tsunamis... just so none of you are overly concerned the harbor of Davao on the Island of Mindanao is protected from tsunamis by two islands.
I am very safe from them here :D hope that puts your mind at ease :D

My first earthquake was quite an experience!  I was sitting on the couch with my friend Brittany when I felt the couch moving... maybe she is tapping her leg... I look over and she isn't... and the couch is still shaking... more and more... "Uh, Brittany... we are moving...." we exchange a glance and a smile comes... "Earthquake!" we said.
So yeah... it was fun!

I was also able to observe a few more births. One was a baby girl named Jonah. Unfortunately her mother needed to be transported to the hospital right after birth. This meant that someone needed to baby sit :) yep... me! She was such a cute baby!!!!!

 Another Blessing was that I just "happened" to be there to see her first check up.  Her mother has since returned from the hospital.

The next birth shift I was able to observe 3 births! One of which was a stocky baby boy.... 9 lbs 13 oz!!!!!! It took a while to get him out due to shoulder dystocia, but with the Lord's help he and his mom are fine! It was amazing to be a part of his birth! I am always amazed when I watch the midwives!

Oh, the other thing that recently happened.... my house mates and I needed to say good bye to our little mouse friend Alfred... or Ralph... I guess he had a split personality...  We finally caught the little guy and were able to say goodbye for good!!!!!! (For your sake, I didn't take pictures.... )
Anyway, I have been able to start work on my next paper and have been studying Visayan a lot too... God is so good to be providing for me and giving me many opportunities to learn the lessons HE has for me!

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  1. Hi from Gram thinking and praying for you all my love