Saturday, August 4, 2012

Small Steps!!!

I am finally in Portland, Oregon! I had a good flight despite some minor setbacks. First, the alternator went on the Yukon and we had to walk 1/2 mile from the airport. Then it was a busy day of catching flights and waiting in the airport... but in the midst of all this I saw the Great Lakes, Mt. Saint Helena, and Mt. Rainier. It was a good travel over all!
When I arrived in Portland (after leaving Portland :) ) I got my bags and was greeted by two of the other girls from my group! We enjoyed a great time of fellowship with dinner and then spent some time at a blue grass festival. It was a lot of fun!
So in all of this I have been pondering the idea of steps...
Steps... one single step
Our entire life is made up of little steps. I thought it is so amazing that every place we go, each place life takes us is made up by steps....
God promises to lead us on day at a time... step by step, day by day...
It really was an encouragement to see how the Lord takes the time to lead us each step by step.... Just thought I would share this though... (by the way, this blog post is written with less than 4 hours of sleep and I have been up for about 23 hours straight... so off to bed!!!)


  1. bluegrass festival?? I am sooooo jealous :P :D

  2. whats the weather they love your thoughts on one step at a time always amazing how God is always a step ahead off us love & prayers gram

  3. The weather is warm... today it was over 100... Miss you both!