Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paradise Island

The past few days we went to Paradise Island for our orientation. It gave me time to it gave us a time to admire the beauty of God's creation, and also it is another avenue to see the culture of the Filipinos. Here are some pictures of my trip to Paradise Island. Hope you enjoy them!

The boat that we took to Paradise Island...

Boat trip

Crossing the ocean (does not do any justice)

our room

even the towels have flowers!

The cottage I stayed in! So pretty!!!

Introducing Rombutan- Looks interesting, tastes AMAZING!

Close up of Rombutan (the fruit inside tastes like a grape)

Live starfish!

Many birds for Anna!

Look at his bill!

Pretty bird!

Here are some pictures of Philippine Deer

Our porch at Paradise Island

Hope you enjoyed the pictures... just a glimpse of the time we spent on Paradise Island outside of the orientation room. Now I am back in Davao and looking forward to volunteering! I have language study as well tomorrow! I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to work!!!!


  1. Hi Sarah.Grandma here. Saw on the news where there was a series of bad weather there are you alright. Let us know something as soon as you. Love and prayers gran

  2. Wow!! God's creation is so amazing! Praying for you.
    Love, Mom

  3. Most of the flooding is by Manila... not even on Mindanao... I am fine :) Thanks for the prayers!