Sunday, August 5, 2012

A hike and the Pacific Ocean!!!

Here are some photos to share the day's highlights...
A deer standing in the yard while we ate breakfast on the deck....

Beautiful view overlooking the Pacific Ocean... very different from home!!!

A picture of future midwives on our way up Neahkahnie Mountain.
A view from the mountain top...

and another....
A view of us at the top!!!!!
The trees here are extremely tall!!!!
Pretty mountain view...
The sailor that welcomed us to the beach.

The Pacific Ocean!

Pacific Coast

Not quite the same as home :)

This is for my sister Anna... They even have Puffins here!

So yes, it was a wonderfully busy day. I learned a lot about the clinic and also about Oregon. I climbed a mountain (not as big as Katahdin...) and stuck my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The weather was quite "warm"... it was over 100 degrees today (97 after 6pm), but it was a good day. However, my body is still quite tired, so it is off to bed!


  1. Hey Sari,
    Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful, and gives us a glimpse of what you are experiencing.I am so excited for you.
    love and prayers,
    The Gang

  2. awesome pictures glad your trip is going well prayers too you and the others love gram