Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fruits and Veggies...

This post is in response to the numerous questions I am asked about the food here. I have included some pictures of some of various fruits we have, but there are many others that are also available. We also have mango, pamello and watermelon (and many others) although they aren't pictured here.

From top down: Orange, appels, avacado, papaya

Bowl of Kalamanci, chinese oranges (green of course)

Garlic, Onions, sweet potatoes, and potatoes

Lansones- very sweet flesh (with extremely bitter seeds-so you don't eat that part)

Another Rombutan... very delicious... reminds me of a grape

Ok... you know what this is :D

Ok, so it isn't fruit, but it was some pretty awesome lemon cake that my
roommate made... I said was didn't I :D
Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of the things that I have been eating... I am sure I will post more photos as they come... God is good to provide such delicious fruits and veggies... I find it interesting to taste them. My God is so AMAZING to create so many different types.... You couldn't convince me that these all came from a big bang :D I am so thankful for God's provision!!!

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