Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today's Blessings.....

I have had a great day. The Lord has blessed me in SO MANY ways!!!!! Here are a few of today's blessings....
1. I was able to communicate with my Mom and wonderful Sister Erica
2. I was able to print off my first assignment.
3. I was able to get a lot of study time for my upcoming quiz and test.

These are all things that the Lord has given me strength to do... However, the Lord also gave me a completely unexpected AMAZING blessing today. Here it is!

 It may not see like much but these little stands were free for me to use! It was a huge blessing and a Huge improvement from what my desk was like before... (see below)......
So yes, little things.... but God is so faithful for me to be able to provide even the little desires of my heart.... I am so blessed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nutrition Dinner and Buntis (many Buntis...)

Today was a great day. I was able to skype my parents and Erica, get a lot of studying done, organize a book shelf, work on my paper, and attend the Nutrition dinner hosted by some of our good friends who have been here for two years.

The dinner was lots of fun! The point was to show how a nutritional meal could be created for a pregnant Filipino woman (Buntis) and her family. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!

Some bean and squash soup

Tilapia fish and veggies

So, in spirit of helping out our friends....... 

Our Buntis class....

In case you ever wonder how I may someday look.....
I must admit.... we had fun surprising our friends
who were definitely not expecting to have 12 "Buntis"
friends for dinner! 

Melissa and I having fun together!
So anyway, we had a great night. I was a little hesitant about the whole idea, but it was a lot of fun. I was told by a few of the midwives there that I really could pull off the pregnant belly.... not for a while :) It was great fun to see the look on our friends faces when in paraded all of the "pregnant" women.... not what they were expecting! Some great memories!.... well, that is all for tonight! Off to bed!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Birth Room Experiences....

I know it has been a little while, so I thought that I should post a little to update you on life here in Davao. Things are starting to pick up and get busier. I have been doing research and am working on a paper. There are also language lessons to attend and other various activities. My favorite part has been volunteering in the birth room. The miracle of birth is just as wonderful as the first time I saw it. I have seen 4 births here so far. Here are some pictures from them.

Salem and Nathan Clyde

Me holding Nathan Clyde
My first observed birth!

Baby Brianna Jane... the first baby girl I have seen!

Brianna Jane!!! So cute!!!

Me, Hannah and baby Reiven
I have been keeping very busy! Just thought I would give a little peak into my life!
Babies are such a gift from God!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Amazing Race (an interesting day with friends)

Today was busy! We spent the day with our Filipino friends who are staff at the clinic here. It was a fun time of surprises. I have posted a few pictures and will explain about my experiences as I go.

This was a pretty decoration in the outdoor pavilion where we ate
and hung out for the afternoon. I thought it was a pretty picture!

This was a random stray Filipino cat. I miss my cats at home , so I thought
I should post a picture for everyone. There are cats here, but they are a lot scrawnier...
(is that a word :P )

The river behind the pavilion. Note the water color. The streams
and rivers are definitely not  clean. The drains all lead to the rivers...
all is polluted except for the where the city has treated
(aka chlorinated) the tap water. Our water is safe (relatively) to drink.

This was a huge toad that we found while walking around...
About the size of one's palm....

Pretty bird statues in the little pond in the resort...

My house mate Melissa and a pretty flower...

A slightly sun-kissed me :)

This is a boat structure that is built on a small island in the midst of the pond.
It has a bridge going to it. I guess it is so that people can have a party on it
(it has tables and chairs) if they wanted to... It was unique...

Some of the lawn decorations around the resort garden....
By the way, those were big alligators....(or were they crocodiles?)

some of the pretty foliage we enjoyed...

Enjoying the tall bamboo in the planter... more great foliage...

May be a great height for the Filipinos, but not for a "tall"
American (of average height)... needed to have fun with this picture! 
Don't see one of these in your backyard every day!
Another of the neat garden decorations....

Ok, so here I will take a break and explain a little more about our day. The Filipinos made up an Amazing Race for us to follow. Our teams consisted of both Filipinos and missionaries. It was mostly fun!

The first station presented us with a bowl of flour. We had to blow the flour out in order to find the clue (which needed to be removed with one's mouth). Melissa did the removal for us, but we were all floured by the time we were done... (I will try to get photos if possible at a later date... I was kind of pre-occupied...)

The second thing we needed to do was to play a game where you bounce a tiny weighted bag the size of a coin on your arm 5 times. Each "american" had to do this. Then we needed to jump over a certain height in order to get our next station clue.

The Second station was food... Yes.... Filipino food... namely BALUT!!!!!! For all of you who do not know... Balut is a fetal duck that is boiled in the shell and eaten.... it smelt so strange and the thought and texture were unlike what I am used to! But Praise the LORD! I was able to eat a big bite (the requirement) and keep it down....
We also had to eat some fish (very salty, bony, and staring at you), rice (the rice was great), and pepsi... I did it... hard, but I did.... God is good to me!!!! *by the way, the Filipinas had to eat corn dogs, cereal, and saur kraut.... which would you choose? :D

Next we had to help the Filipinas to put pins on a map to show where all of the missionaries came from... it was neat to see the final product!
At the final station we had to sing 2 stanzas of the Filipino national anthem... with the words :) Don't ask me to remember it, I tried though :)

Over all I had fun despite the interesting experiences... Our team did not win, but we had a lot of time to laugh and have fun. It was great! (A good attitude really does help FYI)

So... after that adventure we ate lunch and went swimming. Many of the attendees sang videokee... I enjoyed watching!

The next excitement was (insert drum roll_) trying DURIAN!

A picture of Durian Fruit.... (Sylvette and Jamie)
 For anyone who does not know.... Durian is a fruit with an overpowering odor. It has a whitish/orange flesh inside of that spiny shell... it is very mushy... I didn't care for it.... especially the texture.... it was mushy and slimy...the taste wasn't my favorite either.... but I ate it... at first only a small piece (size of a quarter), but then I was told that I needed to eat a large piece (the size of a double stuffed oreo)... not my favorite of the Filipino foods :) but easier than Balut.... may try again at a later date :)

it is heavy and prickly... I have been told that one must be careful to walk
under a Durian tree, because it has killed people when it falls on them....

Ate Jobee and some Durian (a lot of Filipinos love it!) -- she is the
one who made me eat more :) Glad she did!

After our adventure with the Durian we spent some more time singing and enjoying the resort... then we headed back to the city for some dinner... at a Filipino buffet... I tried to play it safe with what I ate, knowing that my stomach was still trying to settle from its previous food adventures... I had fried rice, some chicken, I tried the seaweed (didn't care for it), and what looked like watermelon... Which a friend discovered (and warned me before I tried it) was really raw fish... I passed over that (and the fried chicken entrails)... Overall what I ate was wonderful---and guess what was for dessert... actual watermelon.( I was happy :D )

I had a few good lessons/reminders today:
1. Always keep a positive attitude when facing the unknown
2. Always give something a chance and try it at least once...then decide if you do or don't like it....
3. Be willing to laugh at yourself...
4. It isn't about the finishing first, but how you run the journey itself...
4. Where He leads me, I will follow... what He feeds me, I WILL SWALLOW! (had to keep saying this many times today...)

At the end of the day I must admit that it was an interesting day of firsts, but I am very happy that I put my best foot forward and still had fun. To God be the glory!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fruits and Veggies...

This post is in response to the numerous questions I am asked about the food here. I have included some pictures of some of various fruits we have, but there are many others that are also available. We also have mango, pamello and watermelon (and many others) although they aren't pictured here.

From top down: Orange, appels, avacado, papaya

Bowl of Kalamanci, chinese oranges (green of course)

Garlic, Onions, sweet potatoes, and potatoes

Lansones- very sweet flesh (with extremely bitter seeds-so you don't eat that part)

Another Rombutan... very delicious... reminds me of a grape

Ok... you know what this is :D

Ok, so it isn't fruit, but it was some pretty awesome lemon cake that my
roommate made... I said was didn't I :D
Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of the things that I have been eating... I am sure I will post more photos as they come... God is good to provide such delicious fruits and veggies... I find it interesting to taste them. My God is so AMAZING to create so many different types.... You couldn't convince me that these all came from a big bang :D I am so thankful for God's provision!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

More Photos...

Here are some pictures from my shopping adventure and also of the house I live in....

A Jeepney... a common form of transportation

Inside the mall

The mall... the store entrances are guarded and your purse/bag must
checked before you can enter...

Melissa and Brittany- two of my house mates

Behind our house

Our washing machine

The front gate

The front patio

This is our front door... (this detail is for you Erica)
Just a glimpse into my life here... thought I'd share! Enjoy!!!