Friday, April 13, 2012

Dill Pickles and Oolong Tea....

This Wednesday was a special day--- it was my birthday! I had a wonderful day with lots of family time! But here is the most memorable gift of the day:
My mom needed to go out and offered to take the children. However my littlest brother (3) opted to stay with me. He did not want his sister to be alone on her birthday (although at the time I thought that would be ok with me).
How did he want to spend our time together?
    1. Watch the funny man making pop corn and with pumpkins (AKA the Swedish Chef)
    2. Read stories
    3. Play a game
    4. Have a tea party. *now let me clarify... it isn't that he is at all feminine, however he is smart- he likes the cookies, sugar and milk!!!!!*
I conceded and we followed his plan for my birthday. When it came time for tea, we didn't have any cookies. My little brother was so distraught. He quickly ran to the fridge and pointed at what his substitute was... DILL PICKLES!!!!!
Maybe you are tougher than I am, but I just couldn't refuse those pleading eyes... when I got out the pickles we cut them with a knife and went to have our tea party. As I watched him pouring the tea, so concerned as to not spill it on his sister, so thoughtful of my every need, I was reminded of how important the little things are. Yes, not a combination I would readily choose, but I can say, it was the best tea party I had attended in a LONG time. Only through the eyes of a child would this be a most delicious snack!
*Dill Pickles and Oolong tea-- maybe not tasty, but rather, a memory!

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