Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Blessings...

This Christmas was different... I tried to prepare myself for the worst... What would my first Christmas away from family and loved ones be like? Although it was very different from how I normally spend my Christmas, I found this one to be a time of joy and thanksgiving as it should be :D
My Christmas started with my working night shift Christmas eve. It was set to be a fun shift!!! My friend Brittany was on with me as well as a few of our Filipina friends and two other fellow missionaries. Our shift didn't seem to be busy, but Brittany helped welcome a baby right before midnight as I was helping another laboring mother.
We laughed and talked and enjoyed each others company. The woman I was helping shared with me that she was nervous about this baby. She was 21 and this was her 3rd girl. She had thought the baby would have been born before Christmas and was sad that her 2 1/2 year old and 1 year daughters would wake up Christmas morning without her at home...
What could I do, but pray with her and encourage this mother that everything would be alright and that if things continued to progress she would be home before lunch.... with a new Christmas present!
As labor continued, we knew she would deliver soon... and we were correct!
At 2:53am baby Zabreena was born in the cull!... this is when the membranes do not rupture before birth and there is little fluid between the membranes and the baby's head... it was the first time I had ever seen a birth "in the cull"! Baby Zabreena also had a double nuchal cord and an "ankle wrap" (the cord was twisted around her neck twice and her ankle once).
It was a wonderful start to my list of Christmas Blessings...

After this delightful shift, and a quiet walk back to the house with Brittany, I was able to have a few hours of sweet sleep before attending a  Christmas Brunch at the other house. We had a lovely time of fellowship, then returned again. After preparing Christmas dinner, I laid on the couch thinking I would keep an eye on dinner... and awoke 2 hours later when Melissa returned from the clinic... Thankfully nothing burned :D (another Christmas blessing)....

For dinner, I made pork stuffing, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and breaded chicken breasts. Our little house had a quiet meal together, enjoying each others company.... This was followed by heading off to another Christmas party and more fun, christmas cookies, games, and fellowship...

After this last party (can't ever remember having 3 Christmas parties in one day- on shift, brunch, and dessert) I returned and had the wonderful opportunity to skype with my family for a few hours! What a great ending to a very different Christmas!

So although very different, far from home and in a foreign land, I still had a joyous day celebrating the Saviour's birth with new friends, and my precious family! God is so AMAZING... I am so very thankful for the blessing of modern technology... My Christmas, different, but saturated with blessings!

Now I am looking forward to the new year with excitement... I can't wait to see how the Lord will work and provide! When I think how much I have learned in the past year, I stand in awe of His goodness and faithfulness.... My God is Above ALL!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I heard the bells...

I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along the unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

Till ringing, singing on its way
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime, a chant sublime
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

And in despair I bowed my head
“There is no peace on earth,” I said,
“For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men.

As I heard the words of one of my favorite Christmas songs the other day, I was reminded of how good our God is. This past week has been very hard. The island of Mindanao was hit hard by the typhoon. Although the city I live in was untouched, the center hit 30 miles away, within our province. Death and destruction are everywhere.
Some of my friends joined a relief team. They came back with the news that the reality is worse than the reports. Well over the reported 500 have died. Many people are dying still from complications (lack of clothing, food, housing, wounds etc). The main way people make a living in that area is from coconuts, which take 12-15 years to mature... most of these trees were destroyed by the storm.
Despite all this tragedy, good still occurs. My friends who were able to go and help shared many stories of the heart break, but also of the many miracles they witnessed...

So yes, as Christmas approaches, a disaster occurred but more disastrous is the condition of the souls that are lost and dying every day. As you pray for the relief efforts, please also pray that many opportunities will arise to share the Lord with these people.... that is what they really need... to accept the Giver of true peace and goodwill and change their lives forever.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twice Thankful!

What a wicked busy shift! I had the blessing of being able to participate in a very fun, but busy shift... we had a total of 8 births... all within four hours... and 7 of those were within 2 hours of each other....

I arrived at shift just before 5:45am and was "endorsed" a laboring mother to watch. She was 9+cm dilated and this was her 3rd baby. Besides not knowing any english, the only other concern that was endorsed was "lots of bloody show"- lots of blood, more than normal. When I checked heart tones, they went from the quick and steady thump thump thump to thump... thump... thump... 116, 110... the supervisor advised we prepare the transport papers. I slipped on a sterile glove to help apply head stimulation... we prayed aloud... thump...thump... "Ate... more blood" thump... thump... Then suddenly, our prayers were answered and the rhythmic thumping picked up to a pleasant rate... we were thankful, but knew that the baby must be born soon.

Minutes later SROM (spontaneous rupture of membranes aka, her bag of waters broke) occurred with thick meconium staining and more blood... Then the baby's head was visible. Another minute (or two... hard to keep track when you are not charting and in the moment) and the baby was born (nuchal hand and all :D ). When the baby was born, he was covered with a coat of blood. The midwives suctioned and more blood was removed during the suctioning. A few moments later, the placenta was delivered. It was a very irregular shape with extra lobes on the side. After all was settled the midwife explained what we believe happened....
Looking back, we think that the placental lobes partially detached from the uterine wall before SROM and before the baby was born. That would explain the great bleeding prior to birth and the blood in the SROM and baby's system. Thankfully, the baby was ok with the care we could provide, and also we are very thankful that there was not a full placental rupture... PRAISE THE LORD!

Ok... so baby #1 was born at 7:06am, 6lbs 3oz ... then, life got real busy, real fast :D

At 8am a second laboring mother was assigned to me... another midwife checked her in as I was still helping the first mother. I went to assist this second mother and we discovered that she was also 9+cm dilated... the midwife just smiled at me and I knew... it would be a busy shift!

This mother was getting ready to push and wanted to around 9... the thing was, there were (only) 6 other mothers laboring at the same time. Not to long later, this mother also had SROM (clear, but a LOT!) and I happened to be putting on gloves and sitting near the end of the bed when it happened.... use your imagination here :D

A few minutes later, a baby was born in the cubicle to the one side of us... seven minutes later, the mother on our other side gave birth... the next minute was this mother's turn. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, 5lbs, 1oz at 9:30am... her placenta was also and interesting shape--triangular ....and the births just kept going :D

I will refrain from rehearsing all the details from births that occurred (I will mention that we did get creative and there was one birth on the baby check up bed, and another on the suturing table due to the fact that all the other beds were filled) and skip straight to the pictures!

Baby Precious Jane (white hat) Myself, and Baby Mark Jason (Blue hat)

 Everyone pitched in to help... those who weren't on shift,
 those that don't normally help with births... 
we all just worked together!

 And eight babies later..... our board looked like this......

That is what I call a wicked good day! I was so very thankful for my double blessings today! 
God be praised!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two times the blessing!

I always feel that being involved in the miracle of is a blessing... today I was doubly blessed! This morning I was "endorsed" a laboring mother to watch and help out. In the midst of other birth room business I heard "SROM" and rushed in to be with her. About 20 minutes later, she pushed a beautiful  baby boy into the world! Amazing! He had a nuchal hand and nuchal cord (he came out with a cord around his neck and a hand pressed to his cheek), but praise the Lord, he was ok.... Mom was good too... she was a 20 year old and this was her 3th baby... Wow...
So, here I present baby Jairus.... 7lbs 1oz...

After getting baby Jairus and his mom all settled in post-partum, I was working on some paper work when the supervisor assigned another labor to me as well... This time the mother was 26 and this was her first baby! I was excited for her! She was doing a great job breathing... and not even 2 hours later I was able to again witness the miracle of birth and welcome baby Mary Christine into this world...... 5lbs. 3oz. Her placenta fit in my hand and the cord was smaller than my little finger...  she also had a tight nuchal cord and the cord was wrapped around her body as well...

So I was doubly blessed! By the end of shift I was exhausted, but God gives strength as we need it! Here we are together, Jairus (yellow hat), Mary Christine (Pink/white hat) and I....
God is so good! Miracles happen everyday! I am so thankful to be witness to one of the greatest miracles of all!

Friday, November 9, 2012

"I'm sorry"

I am so thankful for the many lessons that I have learned here and continue to learn. I was reminded today of how often we in America try to control things. How often do you say the words "I'm sorry".... In language lessons today we learned about why we shouldn't say "I'm sorry" as much as we would normally in English. Think of the circumstances where we say "I'm sorry"....

    Your friend just lost her father... "I am so sorry"... here, it would be seen as "did you have a reason to be sorry... did you cause his death... why are you apologizing for what life brings..."

    You are doing a procedure and there is pain... "I'm sorry".... are you causing the pain, or is the pain a normal necessary response... why are you apologizing for a normal, howbeit painful, occurance....
   I realized that we say the words "I'm sorry" much to often. We are not in control and need not apologize for things that are out of our control. Rather, the proper response here is pasensya na "have patience/bear with me" or  ampo na lang "just pray now". (this is not to say we shouldn't apologize if we are late, or such, but we should take care and not apologize for things that are not in our control)
Just an interesting thought that challenged me... how often do I assume the responsibility for things that are out of my control.... why would I put more on my shoulders than the Lord would give for me to bear?  Just a thought!
"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 
~ I Peter 5:7~

Thursday, November 1, 2012

End of a long day....

I sit at the table in the clinic, working figures and equations with friends... training our minds to reason... then we hear it... a high pitched scream... A number of us rush into the stair well where 30 minutes before we had passed a laboring woman climbing up and down the stairs... Thankfully, she wasn't giving birth at that moment, she was just scared and needed help through some contractions... Nancy (who was volunteering on shift with me at the clinic) stayed with her as the rest of us headed back to study....
After finishing our "brain training"  I headed back downstairs to the birth room of the clinic where I was on shift. The supervisor informed me that I was to help bantay (watch) a labor. It was the woman (I should rephrase that as girl) from earlier. She was 18 and very scared. She didn't know to expect this intense of pain. She also had a very low pain tolerance. Nancy and I labored with her for quite some time, teaching her to breathe deeply and relax her body through the contractions.
She was doing wonderfully and was able to breathe through on her own with her bana after a little while. I left the two of them alone and decided to just check fetal heart tones every 15 minutes. However, I was frequently called in because she had bloody show- is it normal?- or she needed to go to the CR- is that ok?etc... They were a great couple to work with though... such a joy!
Around 5pm I went in for another check. She was laboring well on hands and knees. She sat back as I checked the baby's heart... sounded good... I noticed more bloody show and decided to have her lie on her back so I could help her clean up and just assess progress.... as she turned over, I noticed that it wasn't just bloody show, but a whole swatch of hair... "ATE... HEAD VISIBLE!!!!!"
The midwife ran in... she birthed beautifully! At last, she seemed able to focus on the task at hand, scared as she was, she knew the end was near........ here are the results......

First time mom and baby Dreavan

Big boy... 7lbs, 1oz.

Happy, but tired family!

one happy, but tired me and baby Dreavan
PUAH #2, and on top of all that, as I was leaving shift, I was handed two letters from home! Praise the Lord for an amazing end to a long day! God is so good to me.... and I do not say that lightly... I am

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Ojo

I just recently received the news from home that my dear dog Ojo passed away after miscarrying her puppies. She was a great dog! I couldn't have asked for any better. I am thankful to know that my family took such great care of her, and that she went down tail wagging. Life is hard, but I am thankful that the Lord is ever in control.
Ojo was my 11th birthday present. Her name is Japanese for princess. She was a great farm dog and a sweet heart... She was a joy to me and my family for many years... So many memories.... Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift you gave me and the time I was able to enjoy this special creature you made. I learned so many lessons from her... Help me to continue to trust that you have only my best interest in mind. Thank you Lord!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

And just when it couldn't get any better.... PUAH!

I had a VERY blessed morning in the Lord's house! I enjoyed the preaching (a message on the importance of Christ) and the baptismal service. I thought my day couldn't get any better! But.... it did... then it didn't... then it did..
Let me explain...

I arrived at the clinic where I volunteer on time... just as planned... when my friend and I arrived we heard howling and yelling. We looked at each other and stated the obvious... Labor! During change of shift, I was informed that I would be able to help this woman with her labor. She was 9cm in labor... birth could be soon. I went in to get vitals. She was shouting Agai! Agai! (ouch! OUCH!) and thrashing around on the bed. I quickly took vitals and tried to tell her to breathe with me "Ginhawa, dili utong, GINHAWA" (breathe, don't push, breathe). She wouldn't have it. She looked at me with scared eyes. This wasn't her first labor. She had another baby. Before, sometime... the baby died while only a year old. The Badjao don't keep tract of time. So this mother couldn't tell us how old she was, how far along this pregnancy was, or how long ago her baby girl had died. She also didn't speak English.
I sat at the foot of her bed and breathed with her. She hollered. I started to pray. She looked into my eyes as I prayed aloud. She nodded. She knew...
After that she calmed down immensely. She was able to relax. She breathed with me through the pain. Time passed. Her body decided to purge itself. Her heaving brought in all 5 or 6 Badjao women who had accompanied her. They started crying, scared and not realizing that this was a normal part of birth. My friend Brittany and I had all we could do to stop the sobbing and comfort the family that she and baby were still ok. Heart tones were good,.. the baby was still ok...
After much reassurance, the women settled back and returned to the waiting area. My laboring mother smiled... she knew I was there for her. She trusted me. She knew I cared. We may not be able to communicate, but  the look in her eyes said it all.
After about four hours of laboring, the midwife checked and saw that no progress had been made. This was very sad for me. The bag of waters was ruptured and still labor did not progress. We tried various ways to help the contractions to speed back up, any way for progress to occur. She was not interested. She laid on the bed resting, waiting. What was going through her mind? Was she remembering her last birth? Was she wishing that her other baby was still here right now?
No progress was made and she was not pushing effectively when she did have a contraction. Time to transport. I looked at Brittany who had been by my side all shift and we tried to hold back the tears. "She needed your support. You did all you could do." I knew her words were true, but it didn't make the process any easier. The papers were filled out... the ambulance was prepared....

Up she bolted. She looked at me fiercely, knowing that transporting to the hospital was inevitable. With a mighty howl she started to bear down. 2cm, 3cm head visible... She screamed. We prayed. We had the stretcher ready... In what seemed to be a continuous unearthly scream and steady push (she was completely unresponsive to the attempts to calm her, to quiet her, to comfort her) the head emerged...
The scream continued.... a minute later the baby was completely born.... (I will exclude all the details, but let me say that one minute can feel like hours).... She was silent. She knew... she did it.... it was over....

It was a learning experience I will never forget. Sometimes you can't communicate verbally, but there are other ways to express your feelings. I learned a lot about just being there and offering service as needed. You don't always have to be the one solving the problems, but the one willing to sit and pray and offer sips of water as needed. It was amazing to me how attached and protective you can feel after only spending a few hours with a laboring mother... And birth... is always... a MIRACLE!!!!!!

As I before mentioned, the woman was a Badjao. The Badjao often ask for someone else to name their child. I was given the honor of choosing a name. I gave two suggestions, and they chose the name Joshua (Jehovah is Salvation). So in honor of my little brother, here is a photo of Baby Joshua....

A special thanks to Brittany, for taking the pictures and being by my side through this emotional shift... you are a great friend! Thanks!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Joy in Serving Jesus!

In the midst of business, I was reminded of the fruit of the labor is sweet! This may be literally as well! Today my friend Brenda and I harvested pomelo that were ripe and hanging from the tree in our back yard! I then had the pleasure of using my knife to cut them open and we enjoyed the sweet inside (it is like a grapefruit) YUM!!!!!

 This afternoon we had a bridal shower for our Filipina friend Sylvette... We had a great time with games, merienda (snacks) and lots of fellowship!

After the busy afternoon, Brittany and I returned home to cook supper and do some work... We made pasta, sauce, and garlic bread sticks! Yummy KAAYO (Very Yummy!)
I will admit, I have been discouraged as of late... It has been hard as I am missing my family, my church, the first day of hunting season, Maine fall, and have papers due etc... But today the Lord reminded me that there is Joy in serving Jesus. If He wants me to be on the other side of the world... then for Him I will go... He is my All in All and in Him is true JOY!
On top of the good, quite evening, the Lord gave me inspiration for one of my projects that is due soon... I am so thankful that He blesses more abundantly than I could ever imagine!

"There is joy in serving Jesus
As I journey on my way
Joy that fills my heart with praises
Every hour and every day

There is joy, joy
                Joy in serving Jesus              
Joy that throbs within my heart
Every moment, every hour
As I draw upon His power
There is joy, joy
Joy that never shall depart

There is joy in serving Jesus
Joy; that triumphs over pain
Fills my heart with heaven's music
Till I join the glad refrain

There is joy, joy
                                                   Joy in serving Jesus              
                                           Joy that throbs within my heart
                                               Every moment, every hour
                                              As I draw upon His power
                                                      There is joy, joy
                                               Joy that never shall depart"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Boat trip fun!

Here are some photos of the boat trip that I was able to go on. It was quite the day! I never though I would be on a boat someday that would take me to a tropical island and sea the world of "finding nemo" in person... Wow... can only partially describe it! Although I don't have an underwater camera so there are no pictures of those wonderful sights, I was given some pictures that Melissa took with her camera that give a glimpse into our day....
Brittany, Nancy, and I on the boat getting ready to leave

Leaving the harbor...

A long distance view of Isle Verde

A cool shot of the length of the boat

Tropical beach

View of an island we passed

Melissa and I... and some starfish! 
(yes Anna, they are alive...
 and Michael... no, they didn't bite me)

Thank you Melissa for sharing your amazing photos! I had a wonderful day enjoying the beautiful world God created under the ocean. I saw clown fish, lion fish, sea snakes, tons of coral, sea sponges, angel fish, sea slugs.... the list keeps going on! It was great! Thank you Lord for a glimpse at your AMAZING creation!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walking the planks....

     I really don't know how to start this post, except by saying how the Lord has greatly blessed me. I am so undeserving for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me. I was reminded today of the bare necessities in life and how we have so much more.
      This morning I went with some friends to scout out a potential ministry opportunity that will be working with malnourished children. We went to an area called “Isle Verde” or “The Green Island”. A oxymoron as there is little green. It was again an eye opening experience. A population of approximately 15,000 live in this small area. There is also a group among the people there called the Badjao people, the sea gypsies. They live among huts built on stilts. The bridges that connect these houses are thin planks that span across the "ocean" below. There is no sewer system. No garbage disposal. Nothing, but the ocean below. This society lives with barely their daily needs met.
    That is where the opportunity we found comes in. There is a Pastor and his wife that live in the area who have opened their home to provide clinics to the people. They also have a program to help feed the hungry children. They provide food for the mothers to cook for their children to eat. One meal four days a week. I would have the opportunity in my free time to help these children by keeping them company, cleaning their nails, and potentially sharing Bible stories with them.
     I don't know how to explain fully how it made me feel. I cannot seem to find the right word... I felt- not just for their lack, but for my own selfish heart. How dare I take my life, my upbringing for granted! There was never a night I was hungry. Never a day I went unclothed. I felt burdened not just for their need, but for the need of all those who are blind to the way others live, not necessarily by choice, but because it is what they were born into.
    The pastor's wife told us with tears in her eyes about the burden she and her husband share for this place. She told how blessed she was because she had a roof, food, more than one pair of shoes. That she had a computer and internet. She had a phone, and touch screen at that. But these people she serves don't even have daily bread. One look at their small house that doubles as a medical clinic, food distribution, and pharmacy and one would think that they were in need. Yet, they live in a mansion compared to the Badjao who live literally right down the street.
    The people are so loving and open to us. The children mill around with wide eyes giggling at the puti  (white) girls who came to see them. Greetings were shouted as we passed through the village. So much physical and spiritual need, yet they are still smiling. In some ways they taught me so much. They taught me to appreciate what I have been blessed with. My brief time with them showed me how they are rich in their "poverty" and wealthy in their love.
   I pray that I will never forget and take my life for granted. I had thought that I was exposed to need here, but this experience showed me a whole new level. A whole new perspective of the need and the necessity of reaching out to these people, even if it is “just” spending time with these children, or providing maternity care.
    Lord, forgive us for all that we take for granted on a daily basis. Help open our eyes to the need of others. Burden our hearts Lord! Let us SEE! Help us as we walk the planks of life, precariously balanced and trusting you as we take the next step.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Make new friends!

This week the words from that little song came to me "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." So true! I have greatly enjoyed making friends with the Filipinas and other girls here, but have also grown to hold my friends back home closer to my heart.
This week I received two unexpected cards from home and some emails from dear friends. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers of all my Golden friends
My Silver friends are also a blessing! The Filipinas love to have a good time and are such a joy to be around. We made some wedding decorations and then they made a delicious lunch of fish, pork, rice and pineapple for Nancy, Brittany, and I. In my last post, I included photos of a few of us making doughnuts... well, this weekend for dinner, we made pancakes. It was so much fun to see the excitement that comes with their successful cooking skills!
Jamie and I
Besides the cooking, I have had more experiences in the prenatal clinic and the birth room. I will try to blog about that another time. For today I just wanted to thank all my friends old and new for being there and keeping me in their prayers! Thank you!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little food fun!

 Life here in the Philippines is very different from Maine, but the Lord provides opportunities to still have experiences like at home. Last week Brittany and I were really craving some good pizza... so we went to the Yellow Cab to get some... It was a fun experience, and the pizza was pretty good... not as good as my mom's home made pizza, but good :D


So last week I wanted some Pizza... Last night I was really desirous of a delicious fall treat... Doughnuts! With the thoughts of a cool fall evening in my mind, I helped my friends make some homemade doughnuts... despite it being in the 80's here :D

Sylvette's first time making doughnuts!

Meet Melissa Owl :D

No biscuit cutter, so I improvised... plastic cup and half of a tea ball....

A fun way to spend the evening with friends! Just one of the many blessings the Lord has provided. I am so thankful for all He does for me! Praise the Lord!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Busy Sunday!

Today was a super busy, but super good Sunday! I started the day with birth room shift. It was great! Our shift started at 6am. We arrived as normal 15 minutes early to change and noticed that the shift was going to be a busy day.

We were right! We had a birth right at 6:24 am... baby girl! I was able to assist immediately after the birth. This included giving two injections and learning to check the fundus!

Right after this birth (at 7:15am) in walked another labor. With the help of Brenda I was able to help admit her and worked on filling out paper work. Since she was only 3cm the supervisor decided to monitor her for a while and then see how she was doing.

In the meantime, our supply of pitocin was running low, so I was able to draw up several syringes for the rest of the shift... 6 should be enough in addition to what we already have...
Oh, we need more birth sets too! Time to sterilize the equipment!....

Then the supervisor comes and asked for me to accompany a baby to the ER due to fever, fast heart rate, and difficulty breathing. I went with another girl and the baby's family. It was my first transport of a baby. It was so sad... I tried to not let my emotions show....
Shame on all of us who complain about the ER in America. WE are able to wait in comfortable chairs with TV, WE CAN have family with us, WE are attended to quickly (less than a few hours), WE have the "right" to good care.... not so here... SHAME on us who complain about a visit to the ER and the lack of respect or the long wait.... what I saw today would break your heart!
As we drove up to the ER people were standing, waiting outside for their family inside. Families camp outside of the ER to wait, while their loved ones are treated inside. As I entered the ER with this little baby, I looked around to observe as the other girl helped the mother fill out the necessary paperwork... I saw stretchers lined with people. Over against one wall a person lay having a seizure as people walked by... a helpless bantay (watcher/helper) tried to hold his head still... on the other wall there were numerous people lying with IV's waiting for it to be their turn for care. An unconscious woman was rolled in... and her stretcher waited as her bantay filled out paper work....
After the baby received the needed paperwork we took them to the pediatrics line, where about half a dozen mothers waited with their babies and children for care. We waited with the mother for a little while and were then told to place her papers in a pile... we had to leave... it was heart breaking to see so many hopeless... just waiting for their turn....

How DARE we complain for what we have in America... You don't have to worry about if your baby will receive care.... think about it....

So we returned... my eyes opened more to WHY I am here... to try and share the LOVE that the LORD has given despite the hopelessness of life here...

Upon return I saw that our patient was still laboring well, but becoming more active... good, maybe she would have a baby on our shift!

Before I could think on that anymore though, another woman started to push... at 11:24am I was able to witness and assist with the birth of another blessed baby girl! Since the mother started to hemorrhage I took the baby to keep her warm while the midwives helped her mother.

Finally, things would calm down right?... NOPE :D

The young woman that I had helped to admit earlier was about through with labor :D I assisted (by taking fetal heart tones etc...)and watched as another precious life entered this world... a handsome baby boy at 12:47pm. This baby was born with a "body wrap" meaning the cord was wrapped around him.

As we worked on paper work, we had more buntis (pregnant women) coming in... by the time 2nd shift arrived (about 1:45pm) we were still keeping quite busy.

Well, the pitocin was about empty, so I decided to stay a little late to prepare some more syringes for second shift (who had all gone off to attend various active labors... 2 were pushing, 2 immediate post partum, and another who had just come in right before shift change)...

As I went to prepare pitocin, I stopped to help Brenda with checking the newborn baby boy when I heard someone call for assistance... I rushed over in time to help chart, nope, pass off the chart, glove up... assist.... check heart tones, SROM, check heart tones again and mom's vitals... in the midst of this (baby was starting to crown) the supervisor and another assistant come in.... I back off and watch the baby emerge... the thick mec staining, baby not breathing. I helped start the oxygen and watch the midwives work.... and then went to get supplies that were needed but not in the room (both of the birth carts were taken).... Another little boy.... time check.... 3:32pm....

Ok.... we are about done.... another labor was transported... I was waiting for my friend to be done with her paperwork... off to clean the cubicles and prep for more labors... I finished cleaning up and drew more pitocin was drawn.... time check... about 4:30pm.... ahhh what a good day!!!!

Finally, I do a final hand wash and change out of my scrubs. My friend is also ready to go... a very busy, but very good shift :D Its what midwives do :D

As we finally leave the clinic (about 4:45pm) Brenda and I walk to a nearby mall for a bite to eat (we realized that we had only survived the day on strength the Lord had provided as neither of us had time to eat any lunch...) What a great way to end such a blessed shift... sitting on a high terrace with a good friend eating some shwarma and drinking bubble tea (a drink that is very sweet and has tapioca balls in it). We finished off with a dipped cone and headed back to our dorm enjoying watching the city lights on the jeepney ride back....

As I reflect on the day, a few things come to mind.... First, I am so thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with, protection for the laboring mothers and babies, good friends, and just a reminder of why I came to the Philippines in the first place... And Second, I was convicted of all the complaining that we, ....that I do.... We tend to think that we have it so rough.... next time that you are tempted to complain... try to count all the blessings that you have...
"In EVERY THING GIVE THANKS: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18....

And as a final blessing in my day, I was able to listen to a sermon by my favorite Pastor :D Such a SUPER BUSY... SUPER BLESSED SUNDAY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here are some photos from my recent trip to the market with my good friend Melissa for her birthday....

Chicken Feet Anyone?

Prices are Pesos not $.... (about 41 pesos to a dollar)

Handmade baskets



Taxi ride (Melissa, Me,  Brittany)

We ate lunch at a local food court

I chose the fried chicken, lumpia and rice...
 the lumpia and chicken were both cold...

A Jeepney

Another Jeepney

In A Jeepney

The following pictures are for my little sister!
For Anna!


This is a chicken who lives next door to us, but frequently tries to visit.
 She hops up onto the fence and looks in!

The next few pictures are of what I found at the second market....
Cute Backpack/side strap bag (it converts!)

My basket

an organizer

So that about sums up my market trip this last time. Give you a little bit of an idea of what it is like! It was a fun day, but it is still hard to experience... the city makes me appreciate the country so much more... I definitely miss the Maine woods!